Composition, improvisation and piano progress

I’ve started to make a composition for piano. It’s just based on chords on the left hand in various forms such as arpeggiated, block, two handed chords or broken chords with a melody on the right hand. So far it sounds okay, but it’s still quite short. Perhaps when I get the time I’ll record it so you can hear what it sounds like. I’ve mainly been composing by doing some improv and writing it down if it sounds half decent.

I’m trying to figure out good ways of harmonizing chords to a melody and how to make various types of sound. I’m still mainly stuck on improvising on the C major scale though because my scales are not very strong yet.

I found a neat website ( on how to noodle around on the piano while trying different things to get different sounds. One exercise that got me thinking was on the left hand to alternate playing together the 1st and 5th intervals of a chord with the 1st and 6th intervals of a chord. Then doing the same alternating of the intervals to the relative minor chord. In the meanwhile, you play a melody on the right hand in the correct key (depending on what chord you started with).

It sounds quite nice and analyzing the exercise, I found out that the 6th interval seems to be an inversion of the 3rd, so I’m wondering if that is why it sounds as nice as a 3rd interval. Since chords can be made from just the root and 3rd of a chord, I guess the inversion and root also sounds good.

I am starting to think about improving my music theory knowledge again to find out about the intervals and other ways of noodling around on the piano to improve my improvisations.

On another note, Fur Elise is going well and I received a collection of easier Chopin pieces from which I’ve started working on. I particularly like the Waltz in C where the beginning is somewhat playable via sightreading for me until I reach the next part where it gets faster and more complicated. πŸ™‚

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