Last lessons before break

I’ll be learning to do some spiccato in tonight’s violin lesson. It sounds hard. Apparently it’s that bow bouncing thing.
I learnt how to do 3rd position last week for the A string and that wasn’t too bad, although it takes a lot of getting used to.

Today’s lesson will be the last one then there will be a month break.. so I’m getting the teacher to assign me lots of exercises to practice in the meanwhile.
I also bought a cheaper 2nd violin that I can take with me when I go to Japan this August to have a jam session with friends. I don’t want to risk my more expensive violin on a trip in a plane in case they refuse to let me carry it as hand luggage and it gets damaged.

Also for piano, I’m learning one of the hard parts of Fur Elise. Is tricky but slowly putting it together. It’s the 3rd part of the song because the 2nd part of the song is considered to be much more difficult, so that is skipped until later on. Apparently Canon in D is on the list of songs I’ll get to learn in the Simply Music level 7. Can’t wait! πŸ™‚

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