Music update

So far no group sessions lately, but I quite enjoy trying to make my own one man band videos with piano and violin. Currently not working on any at the moment though as I’m working on improving the violin first. Looking back at my playing on youtube, I can now hear that I was playing out of tune in most of them. Ack!

I’ll be moving on to level 7 of the Simply Music piano curriculum in my lesson this week. Looking forward to it.
According to my teacher, one of the songs I learnt in the previous level is about level 4 on the AMEB. So I guess I’m around that for piano.
I’m definitely not at level 4 in sightreading though.

I went to the WASO Tchaikovsky Piano concerto and got a signature from the concert pianist. Also bought a box of 35 CDs of piano music there and got a free box of 50 CDs of piano music. Cost about $115 total. Too many CDs to rip, so I just listen to them on a cd player at home.

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