Concerts and piano & violin progress

Going to see another concert tonight. This time a group called Tafelmusik which is a Canadian orchestra.
I am really liking the cheap under 30’s discounts for these concerts. Trying to make the most from it while I still can. πŸ™‚

Seems my piano teacher is quite delighted that I’m starting to like classical music. She is starting to lend me CDs to let me listen to different composer’s music.

I sold a bit of stuff at the geek swapmeet last weekend and made about $120~. Not bad for selling some duplicate stuff. Too bad there weren’t many shoppers there. Got rid of a lot of stuff though, so i’m happy.

Also bought a PS Vita since it has a decent lineup of Japanese games and am liking it so far. Bit pricey though. Haven’t played video games in ages.

Starting to play some Mozart on violin now. His music sounds quite nice. I’ll have to look into trying to do a violin and piano video on a Mozart piece. Strangely, I feel i’m progressing faster on violin than on piano in terms of being able to sightread songs. I guess the co-ordination of playing a song with both hands on piano takes a lot of work so it makes it difficult.

Btw, today is Chopin’s birthday.

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