Back to piano lessons!

It’s an exciting week for me. My piano lessons are gonna resume this Thursday! Whoohoo!
It feels like I’ve been waiting for ages for the lessons to resume. I don’t even recall when my last lesson was.
Still, during the period of no lessons i’ve been steadily improving and learning new songs.

I’ve so far kept to my goal of practicing piano every single day this year, although some days it’s not a very long practice session. There is a group of people in the piano world forums that make a pledge to practice piano everyday or they have to confess to the thread. It’s a fun way to keep myself motivated to practice and keep piano my main instrument. It’s also fun to see all the excuses people come up with. πŸ˜›

Also I’ll be going to see my first classical music concert on Wednesday. πŸ™‚
Hopefully my phone doesn’t accidentally go off like in some youtube videos I’ve seen.

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