Session in Japan organised

I mentioned going to Japan to my Japanese twitter friends who make doujin music to sell at comic market and they offered to do a session to make some music to sell at the event. Seems like an interesting combination of skills in our group. There is me that can play violin and piano, another that plays guitar, piano and drums and the head of the group that plays keyboard and wind instruments.

So since some are coming from remote areas of Japan and me from overseas, i might buy a cheap violin in Japan to use. The guitar player may bring a classical guitar and the keyboard player might do the piano/keyboard part or use the wind instruments and we’re thinking of doing something classical. For now we’ve decided on Gymnopedie (i suggested it :P) and they plan to make up some arrangement and maybe get Hatsune Miku to sing it.

Exciting news for me if it actually does happen. Now I need to practice my violin and piano heaps so I can be reliable enough to play in the group.

On another note, I’m starting to play Gymnopedie much better now and the only thing I’m doing a bit slow is the ending part, but it’s almost complete. I plan to record it for my online piano recital tomorrow.

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