Music festival and Gymnopodie progress

I noticed the Perth Festival has started and I noticed this on the website.’s-on/Event/The-Galileo-Project–Music-of-the-Spheres-

Seemed interesting so I booked myself a ticket. Seems there is an under 30’s discount, so I jumped at the opportunity to watch a concert by an orchestra from overseas.
Cost around $36.60.

It’s good to be under 30 :). You can get all the best seats for a bargain price.

Oh yeah, I’m getting better at Gymnopedie no 1 by Erik Satie on piano now. I can play the first page, but the tiny bit on the 2nd page is a bit tricky, so I’ll have to work on that before I can play the entire piece.

I also gave my saxophone I bought last week a go and I managed a Eb major scale and played fly me to the moon on it. Although I was really struggling to play clean notes. I think I need to spend a lot of time practicing making a sound on it. Reed instruments are really challenging.

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