Sightreading app

I found a great sightreading app from Wessar International for the iPad which is really good.

It has all the exercises from the ABRSM grades for piano and it plays a metronome for you and you have to play it while it blanks out entire bars of music so you have to keep going and can’t go back. It makes it very challenging to play it correctly, but it’s helping my reading so much. It was good enough that I decided to buy the exercises for levels 1-5.

When you select you a piece, it forces you to spend about 10-20 secs to look at the key signature, where to start your hands and so on before you start it. I think it is working quite well at helping me get used to the pressure of playing to a metronome.

On another note, I’ve started watching Nodame Cantabile and find it actually quite good and motivating to watch. Was watching it over the weekend.

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