Over the weekend I practiced heaps of sight reading on piano (about 4 hours) and at the end of it, had one of those incredible experiences where I put a new easy song on the piano bench that I never played before, and automatically my hands went to the right places and I played the song with both hands to a listenable level! Whoohoo!

Before I was just only able to do it with one hand. I even noticed I didn’t even glance at my hands, they felt their way around the keyboard and found the keys automatically. So far it only works on songs with not too many sharps and flats. One thing i’m happy about is that I’ve been quite accurate in picking the right notes too. Still got a long way to go, but I feel i’ve achieved a milestone. πŸ™‚

Now I need more music books with songs that gets gradually difficult each song so I can keep this practice going. I’m already halfway through all my sightreading material, and the anime songs books I have are still too difficult. Maybe I’ll check out Clef music after work to find some nice easy classical music books.


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