China Holiday 2010: Day 7: Z Plaza – Part 2

After visiting Tiananmen square, we entered a nearby subway station at the opposite side of the square and headed to our next destination some shopping complex that my dad’s work friend told him about called Z Plaza.

Tiananmen square 104 

Tiananmen square 105

This was the first subway trip we took in Beijing and I decided that I let my dad try buying the tickets instead of relying on me to buy them each time.

Tiananmen square 107

 Tiananmen square 108

It was pretty straightforward and the interface was togglable between Chinese and English.Tiananmen square 109

After paying, you get a ticket card that you use at the ticket gates.

 Tiananmen square 110 Tiananmen square 111

The gates looked like this. Pretty much like any other subway ticket gate.Tiananmen square 112

The subway platform.Tiananmen square 113

On the train. It was quite similar to the train system in Japan.

 Tiananmen square 116

We got off at Xizhimen station and transferred to a different line. Tiananmen square 118

 Tiananmen square 119

It was a bit less busy on this train.

Tiananmen square 121

Getting off at Zhongquangun station where there is a shopping plaza that we were heading to.

Tiananmen square 122

Heading to the exit gates.

Tiananmen square 124

There are a number of signs that direct you to Z Plaza.

Tiananmen square 129

When you enter Z Plaza, the first thing you see is a lot of gadget, mobile phone and PC stores.

Tiananmen square 130

A large majority of the stores were mobile phone stores.

Tiananmen square 131

Stores selling iPads and other apple goods.

Tiananmen square 132

Lenovo is a popular brand name in China.

Tiananmen square 133

Tiananmen square 134


Apart from the electronic goods, there were a variety of other stores.

Tiananmen square 135

The shopping center had several floors.

Tiananmen square 136

We explored a bit and we looked around for a place to eat.

Tiananmen square 139

We went upstairs to find a food court called food republic.

Tiananmen square 141

A Ramen store.

Tiananmen square 142

Entering food republic.

Tiananmen square 146

A juice bar inside food republic.

Tiananmen square 148

There are a lot of places to choose from.

Tiananmen square 149

On the left there are nice looking bowl style meals available.

Tiananmen square 150

It was close to about 2:20pm, so it wasn’t very busy and we were quite hungry. The samples they had on display were very appealing.

Tiananmen square 158

Tiananmen square 159

A lot of the dishes seem to be various types of Chinese food.

Tiananmen square 160

Tiananmen square 161

There even was an Indian stall.Tiananmen square 163

I liked the presentation with the leaves.

Tiananmen square 164 

In the end, we decided to order from this food place.

Tiananmen square 166 

My mum ordered some kway teow noodles and dad chose a noodle soup with duck and pork.Tiananmen square 171 Tiananmen square 169 Tiananmen square 172

I ordered a pork dish which camae with an egg and a serving of suimai dumplings.

Tiananmen square 176  Tiananmen square 179 Tiananmen square 180 

After our meal, we went downstairs and I found a piano store. I decided to pretend that I was shopping around for a piano so I could practise playing some of the songs I was learning and others that I was forgetting as I hadn’t played for over a week.

They seemed to also teach the piano there as well as sell a Chinese string instrument that resembles the Japanese Koto.

Tiananmen square 140

In the meanwhile my dad had a haircut in the store next door and after I had enough with playing and trying out all the pianos, I also decided to get a haircut too.

The place where we got our hair cuts.

Tiananmen square 182

After the hair cut, we had a drink at this cafe.

Tiananmen square 185

Tiananmen square 184

We decided to head back and noticed this model of the city  on the way back.

Tiananmen square 186

We also passed these performers playing the piano and the stringed Chinese instrument (guzheng I think).

Tiananmen square 187

According to the sign, I believe that they belong to a school that teaches you to play the instruments.

Tiananmen square 188

Passing through the clothes and shoe shops on the way back to the station.

Tiananmen square 189

Tiananmen square 193

The service section of the PC stores.

Tiananmen square 190

Taking a last look around the stores before heading to the station. 🙂

Tiananmen square 191

 Tiananmen square 192

We reached the station entrance, but decided to take a look outside before heading home.

 Tiananmen square 194

When we got outside the station, it was very windy and there was a cold breeze blowing.

Tiananmen square 195

I quickly took a few quick photos of the surrounding.

Tiananmen square 197

I was pretty impressived with the night shots I took with my camera.

Tiananmen square 198

After a quick look around, we couldn’t find any more stores that we wanted to visit outside.

Tiananmen square 199

Since it was quite cold, we headed back down to the subway quickly.

Tiananmen square 202

Getting on to the train back to the hotel.

Tiananmen square 203

Transferring between stations.

Tiananmen square 341

Back at the Denshikou station where I noticed there was still some Beijing Olympics advertising on the walls.

Tiananmen square 342

We then decided on eating at this restaurant outside our hotel which served a variety of dishes.

Tiananmen square 343

I had a rice porridge with preserved century egg and finished it off with a serve of Shanghai noodles.

Tiananmen square 345

Tiananmen square 348

Then we returned back to the hotel after a long day.

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KenDecember 14th, 2010 at 8:38 am

my god im so hungry now, nice day u have it seems.

as for beijing, changed sooo much! the subway look like the hong kong MTR xD

TimDecember 15th, 2010 at 8:41 am

It was a nice day. I quite enjoyed that shopping plaza. Lots of good food there too.

The subways were very good. As you say, they are not very different from the Hong Kong MTR.

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