China Holiday 2010: Day 7: Tiananmen square – Part 1

On our second day in Beijing, we decided to visit Tiananmen square. The hotel website stated that it was a 15 minute walk to Tiananmen square from the hotel, so I quickly located it on my iPad’s map and we headed off.

Tiananmen square 01

Apparently in here is a small supermarket.Tiananmen square 02

This is the closes subway station to the hotel. I took a photo of it so I knew where to find it next time.Tiananmen square 03

Just walking along.

Tiananmen square 04

Tiananmen square 06 It

It was kinda scary crossing the roads.. as you can tell, there are about 5 cars trying to run you over as you cross through a green light.

Tiananmen square 05

Seems that the road rules are that cars have the right of way as long as they horn.

 Tiananmen square 08

 Tiananmen square 09

It was about here when we realized we had been walking a lot longer than 15 minutes.

Tiananmen square 10

By this time, we had gotten tired crossing streets, so we discovered the best way of crossing them without getting run over. You go down to the subway and find the exit that is on the other side of the road.

Tiananmen square 11

 Tiananmen square 12

We spotted the Porsche offices on the way.

Tiananmen square 14

We kept walking for what seemed ages.

Tiananmen square 15

I think this is one part of the outside gate of the Forbidden city.

Tiananmen square 16

This is one of the main entrances to the Forbidden city. Yes, it is opposite Tiananmen square.

Tiananmen square 23

After all the walking, I noticed that there was a subway station right near the entrance of the Tiananmen square. Looking at the map, it was only 1 stop away from the subway near the hotel. orz

Tiananmen square 24

Tiananmen square was fenced off from where we here, so we had to enter through the subway.

 Tiananmen square 26

Once inside, you have to pass through a security check before you can go up the stairs to enter.

 Tiananmen square 31

Inside Tiananmen square.

 Tiananmen square 34

The entrance to the Forbidden city taken from Tiananmen square.Tiananmen square 36

It was larger than I expected.

Tiananmen square 38

Photo of my parents in front of the Forbidden city.

Tiananmen square 43

Some photos of the surroundings.Tiananmen square 45

 Tiananmen square 51

 Tiananmen square 52

This is one huge screen!Tiananmen square 53

Because of the sun, I couldn’t get a good shot of this.Tiananmen square 57

This building is called the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong.

 Tiananmen square 69

There was a crowd outside, and screens telling you about all the things you are not allowed to bring inside when going inside to see chairman Mao.Tiananmen square 70

We tried to go it, but since we had too much stuff on us, we had to go outside to a checkroom to check in our belonging before we could enter. Apparently electronic goods, cameras and so on were not allowed inside.

 Tiananmen square 73

I would say that his is the first scam that we’ve been involved with during the trip as there was a guy who rushed us to the check room and then asked for a large tip to help us enter the building despite entry being free. Still, it was close to the closing time, so if it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t of been allowed inside.

The inside had a large statue of chairman Mao and following that was a passageway where you could pass through and see his preserved body through the glass.

Tiananmen square 74

I have to admit I was quite worried about our possessions, so we quickly headed back to collect them and fortunately nothing was missing.

It was here that we realized that we were very lucky to have visited at this particular time as we’d otherwise wouldn’t have been able to enter as it only opens certain days of the week from 8am to 12pm. It was actually 12pm, not 12am like stated in the sign.

 Tiananmen square 76

This building is called Zhenguangmen.

Tiananmen square 81

 Tiananmen square 82

It was huge and looked pretty awesome.

 Tiananmen square 83

Walking through the gate.

Tiananmen square 86

I like this photo.

Tiananmen square 89

There is something else further down past the end of Tiananmen square, but we didn’t go there.

Tiananmen square 90

At the other side of the building gate we walked through, there was this marker which apparently is  the Zero point of China’s highways. I don’t really know what that means but there were a lot of people taking photos standing on it.

Tiananmen square 96

Tiananmen square 91

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