China Holiday 2010: Day 5: Oriental Pearl tower & Grand View Gardens

We left early the next day to see the Oriental Pearl TV tower.

On the way there, we passed by the Shanghai expo grounds where we got a very brief glimpse of the Asian pavilion in the foggy distance from the bus window.

Arriving at the tower.

When we stepped off the bus, we were treated to this noce view of the tower.

Everyone lining up while the tickets were being sorted out.

Entering the tower.

Before being allowed up the tower, everyone had to go through a security check. After going through the security check, we were taken to the top observatory floor.

We were really high up and were able to look over some quite tall buildings from the tower.

The fog was quite bad that day so we couldn’t see past the buildings.

After spending some time looking around and taking photos, i decided to go to the lower floor.

The lower floor had a section of glass floors surrounding the tower. This part of the tower was the most interesting.

Since i am afraid of heights, it wasn’t the easiest to bring myself to walk on the glass floor section.

Me and my parents on the glass floor.

Some other people on the tour making some interesting poses on the glass floor.

After looking around and having fun at the glass floor observatory, the tour group went down a fancy elevator.

After taking the elevator back down, there was a video arcade floor, a floor with a rollercoaster and finally a floor with shops before we got back down.

Leaving the tower.

Back onto the bus to head to lunch at the Grand View gardens.

Outside the Grand View gardens.

We took a group picture outside the restaurant and then headed in to eat.

We had the entire restaurant booked out and it was one dish per person instead of a numver of dishes like we had initially expected.

A close up of the dish. It was very tasty although the fish had a lot of bones making it a little hard to eat.

After lunch, we headed towards the lake.

On the way, there were a number of souvenir stores.

When we arrived at the lake, we were offered rides on the lake on some of the boats there.

There were some other activities as well including go carting which some of the group participated in.

After the short break with the activities, we were taken to the main event of the day which was to look through the Grand View gardens.

At the front of the Grand view gardens.

Exploting the inside of the gardens. It looked a lot better than i expected.

One of the houses in the the gardens.

Inside the house.

The house was really impressive. I missed most of the tour explanations as i was too busy taking photos.

Apparently the gardens are designed based on a novel, so inside the house, there were reconstructions of different scenes from the novel.

The gardens were really incredible.

I kept getting lost in the gardens but managed to find the tour group after wandering some more.

The house was quite large and had so many impressive views.

At the exit of the house was a beautiful pagoda and lake.

Outside the house was this bridge.

There were many other buildings that we also went through.

We were led inside this building for a special treat.

The view from the upper floor of the building.

Inside the building, we were treated to traditional performances of Chinese opera, singing and musical performances.

After the performances, we had a final look around the gardens before we headed back to the bus.

On the way, I found a couple of signs that described the characters from the novel and a map of the gardens near the entrance.

Back on the bus and to the hotel.

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Kay EymanDecember 13th, 2010 at 8:10 am

Tim, I’m so glad to see your great photos. I’m going to have my friends check this out because your pictures are a lot better than mine. (A lot!) The narrative is very nice too.

It was so nice to meet you, Ben, and Lisa. Tell your folks hello for me.


TimDecember 19th, 2010 at 8:19 am

Hi Kay,

Thank you for the comments about the photos and for sharing the web site with your friends. I am glad that you enjoyed the post.

The SEANET was a lot of fun and I was very happy to meet you there.
I’ll pass on the regards for you.


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