China Holiday 2010: Day 4: Radio sports club and River cruise

We started the day with another tour.

Checking that everyone is on board.

Arrived at the Shanghai radio sports club to socialize with the local ham radio operators.

Heading to meet the other ham operators.

The local ham radio operators showing off their car setups.

One of them erecting an antenna.

The radio that will be running from the antenna.

The local ham radio operators put up quite a display for the people that attended the SEANET convention.

Some of the old radios used in the army i think.

Portable antennas made by one of the locals. I believe these sold out quickly.

Apart from a collection of army radios, they also had some antique radios on display too.

Vacuum tube/valve radios.

After looking at the various radios, we entered the club room.

Inside, there was a room set up for the ham radio operators that attended the SEANET to talk on the radios.

Below is dad posing on front of the microphone.

Outside the room was a large very ancient vacuum valve transceiver in the hallway.

On the other end of the hallwey, they had a gallery that described the activities the club participated in.

Some of their prizes from some of the activities.

One of the activities they do includes radio controlled planes and ships.

After visiting the radio sports club, we went on to do some shopping at Yu gardens.

It was actually quite packed, so the organisers of the convention had to guide us across busy roads while keeping an eye on everyone.

The Yu gardens had some very nice scenery on the way there.

The Yu gardens shopping area had a lot of tourist shops that were great for buying souvenirs for friends. All of the shops had the architecture of the olden days Chinese temples.

Out of all the stores, i managed to find at least one anime store.

A close up of the display at the front of the store.

Entering the store.

What it looked like inside. Although interesting, most of the goods i looked at were fakes, so i left the shop pretty quickly.

After our shopping, mainly for souvenirs, everyone gathered at a restaurant that the organisers showed us earlier for dinner.

The dinner was an al le carte style with a large selection of Chinese foods.

We had half the restaurant booked, while the other half of the restaurant was booked for someone’s wedding.

After the dinner, there was also a river cruise planned, so when the time came, we hurried out of the restaurant and back to the tour bus to be taken to the river cruise ship.

Being led to the cruise ship.

Boarding the ship.

It was a very nice ship. Many people did just sit indoors, but the majority were upstairs on the deck taking photos of the scenery.

Shanghai scenery.

Some more photos from the river cruise.


Me and my parents.

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