China Holiday 2010: Day 2: People’s square

Day 2 of the trip was the first official day of Seanet 2010 in Shanghai, China. We started the day with our first breakfast at the hotel. It was a buffet breakfast with a large variety of food ranging from Chinese dumplings, noodles, soups, a couple of Japanese dishes and some typical western breakfast including cereal, eggs, omelette, bacon and so on.

I tried to sample it all, but there was too much variety.

After breakfast we had to register for the seanet convention.

Some people were arriving later in the day, so the registration desk was open

After registering, each person received a bag containing a number of items.

We all received a sleeveless jacket, a Seanet 2010 cap, a pamphlet with the tour schedule, some badges and Shanghai expo postcards.

In the black box, we were given a wallet and a business card holder.

After checking out the goodies we visited the ham radio room set up for all of the amauter radio operators to use for the duration of the convention.

Lunch was provided as part of the convention, and it was held in the dining room.

Here we met up with the other ham radio operators that came to the event to sit down, eat together and chat among ourselves.

The dish we were served was prawns, chicken, beef and spinich cooked in Chinese style.

There was also a tasty soup.

After lunch, we asked on of the locals about the best places to visit and we were told to visit people’s square for sightseeing and to visit a place one stop away from our home stop for shopping.

We decided to take the subway and i was amazed how similar everything was to Japan’s rail system. The tickets were quite cheap and you’d get a proximity card to tag on to get in and out of the boarding area.

It was quite easy to tell where to go with the signs being written in both Chinese and English. I’m guessing this was possible done for the Shanghai expo which had finished only a few days earlier.

What the trains looked like from the onside.

Some expo promotions on the pillars.

Arrived at people’s square which was about 6 stops away.

When we exited the station, we took a look around the people’s square.

People’s squares is in the middle of the city so there are many impressive buildings and big brand names around the area.

People’s park is right next to the train station.

My parents and I decided to take a walk through people’s park.

Apparently people’s park is a popular dating spot in Shanghai.

The path from the park’s entrance.

Some couples sitting together and people playing cards.

The view of the city is very nice from the park.

There are many places to rest and relax scattered around the park.

They also had a small museum inside the park.

We came across a nice lake in the middle of the park. It did smell a bit but it looked like a nice place.

There were a number of people relaxing here and I could hear some people performing and singing a short distance away.

When we went closer, we saw a group of people playing traditional music, dancing and singing.


Afterwards, we headed out of the park and decided to look around People’s square.

An ice cream store outside the park.

Porsche building.

Mercedes-Benz building.

We had a bit of a rest at McDonalds and grabbed a drink.

Afterwards, we walked around a bit but we couldn’t find any shopping areas and decided to go back to the train station to go to another place we heard of that had many stores that was only 1 station away from our home station.

On the way to the other station.

When we arrived at the station, we went into a shopping complex called Metro city. It seems to have a large presence of Japanese related stores and restaurants.

Some photos of the shopping area.

The elevator.

At a game arcades checking out the various games.

Top floor was a book shop.

On the other floors, there were a lot of stores selling mobile phones, ipad clones, laptops and so on. It was so crowded so i wasn’t able to take any photos of the stores.

There were laptops on sale from all the major brands and so many sales people asking you to buy from them.

On the way back we bought some snacks from a bakery to eat later on in the day.
When we got back, we went to have dinner at the hotel. It was also provided as part of the SEANET convention.

It was a self service buffet dinner. It was quite informal that night and was good to meet up with the other people attending.

I tried to try everything and even though i wan’t able to put one of everything onto my plate, I had to wait and get the rest on another trip to the buffet area as my plate was too full.

Afte dinner, back in the hotel room, we ate the bread snacks we bought before we went to sleep.

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