China Holiday 2010: Day 1: Shanghai arrival

In the plane to Shanghai, we quickly had a lunch which we could choose from an omolette or a noodle dish. I chose to have the noodle dish.

I don’t know why people keep telling me aeroplane food is bad, because this looked and tasted great. (^o^)

My dad enjoying his meal.

The flight to Shanghai only took about 1 hour and 45 mins and I decided to try sleep as much as I could on the flight. I was very tired and had a sore back and headache.

We arrived quite quickly and exited the plane.

Some sculptures I spotted on the way to immigration.

The entrance of the airport.

This is our first glimpse of China outside the airport.

Waiting to be picked up from the airport.

Just got picked up.

Welcome to Shanghai sign.

I took a few photos from the car window.

Arrived at the hotel.

The entrance of the hotel. It looks really fancy!

We went on this holiday to Shanghai primarily to attend the SEANET amateur radio convention. It is a convention my dad attends every few years as he is a ham radio amateur operator. I also have a call sign VK6FTIM, although I don’t talk on the radio much.

Gumby! Actually, I think it must be the hotel’s mascot or something.

After checking in, we left the hotel and headed to a shopping area where you could buy some ham radio parts, computers and so on.

Some photos I took while in the taxi.


We arrived at the radio and computer shops by taxi.

The stores in this area seemed to sell a lot of computer parts, audio equiptment, security cameras and so on. However the goods seemed to be used second hand goods, and there was a lot of people smoking indoors.

I did have my eyes on a couple of mini laptops but didn’t decide to get anything much. Instead, i did find a nice carry bag for my iPad.

We took a taxi back to the hotel so we could get some dinner.

After we got back, we took a walk outside the hotel to do some shopping at one of the closeby shopping malls.

I took some night photo shots on the way there.

We found this little restaurant on the way.

We ended up deciding to eat at the restaurant.

We couldn’t make much from the menu, but i could make a decent guess about what we were ordwring using my knowledge of some of the Chinese characters from my Japanese studies.

It tasted really nice and it was very cheap. Our dish were only about 30-40 yuan.

After eating at the resaurant, we headed to the shopping mall where my parents and I bought some nice shoes and then stopped off at McDonalds to grab a drink.

Dad bought us some soft drinks to drink.

In the meanwhile, I looked around the food court and we spotted a Japanese sushi store selling cheap packets of sushi as well as a crepe store where I bought myself a really nice crepe.

Here is mum holding the crepe I bought.

It looks so nice. It has kiwi fruit and bits of chocolate cake mixed in throughout the crepe.

It was very tasty!

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hallf day tour in baliMay 17th, 2013 at 8:18 pm

I was looking for this information, it helps me to plan a vacation to shanghai,always update your article

AzeemDecember 17th, 2015 at 9:37 pm

hey Phoebe! i lived in Beijing for two years and loved it! (unfortunately never made it down to Shanghai though) My goal is to go back to China in the next 5 years for a phopgorathy tour. Anyway, I love the first image gorgeous house. And also really like the third image the bike, the sidewalk, the gate very Chinese.

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