China holiday 2010: Day 0: Arrived at Hong Kong for transfer

I just arrived at Hong Kong from an 8 hour flight from Perth, Western Australia.

The in-flight entertainment looked like this.

We had a supper after taking off. I had steamed Hoke fish with dill sauce, pea mash and veges. At first it didn’t look apealing but it tasted good. (^o^)

During the flight i watched Predators and then slept until i was awaken to a nice scrambled egg and chicken sausage breakfast.

When we arrived at Hong Kong, we headed out to transfer to Gate 1. Looking at the map, we were quite far from it.

Walking looking for gate 1.

Found the train which would take us most of the way the terminal.

Along the way there were some stores and we went through a quick baggage check before finally making it to terminal 1.

Now we are heading to Shanghai.

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