Japan Trip 16: Kara no Kyokai

My day started by looking up all the cinemas screening the final Kara no Kyokai movie in Tokyo.

After finding a place in somewhere in Shinjuku, I headed off early in the morning to secure some tickets for the movie. The previous time I watched movies in japan, it all was a really rewarding and enjoyable experience so I planned to watch some while I was in Japan this time.

I stated first by transferring from the Tokyo Metro Hibuya line at the Akihabara station to get Shinjuku via the JR lines.

When I arrived at the station, it was a bit rainy.

I had never been to this particular movie theatre before, but one of my friends recommended the theaters in Shinjuku, so I decided to watch the movie there. As I didn’t have a GPS, I navigated entirely by map and from asking random people for directions.

I found one of the theaters from my list in this building, but then found out it was the wrong one as the movie didn’t screen an evening show at that particular theater. I ended up having to find their other theater located at some other part of Shinjuku.

The cinemas inside the building.

Bummer, wrong time.

After quite a bit of walking, I finally found my way to the other theater and this one did screen the an evening show of the Kara no Kyokai movie. I quickly rang up the otaku friends I met up with in Harajuku and also some that I was planning to meet, that were currently in Tokyo at the time.

What the cinema looked like on the inside. Well just the staircase.

The movie was nearly sold out by the time I arrived, so after confirming number of tickets, I got the last 5 tickets for the day!

Ended up, two people dropped out even when i confirmed with them, so I had 2 extra tickets. The tickets were quite expensive, so I was out of pocket for the tickets. (>_<). Fortunately after a lot of ringing around, I found two more friends to watch the show with me.

Next time I do anything like this, I'll get the money of people interested before buying anything.

After getting the tickets, I met up with Ronald, Max (his friend), Ken and a few others at Ikebukuro. Again, Ronald took the lead and we went to all the anime stores including Animate and Lashinban.

Saw some dolls in Lashinban.

Also saw some pure neemo dolls too.

After visiting all the stores, we went for some lunch/dinner at Matsuya. We didn’t eat for most of the day, while shopping so this was our dinner too. I ordered the hamburg steak again. This one came with an egg on top of it.

After the meal, we decided to spend a couple of hours at the video arcades playing all the latest games. The gundam games were quite popular although most of the guys in our group played counterstrike on some arcade machines that happen to have a keyboard and mouse as the controls.

While busy playing games, we also found an ice cream vending machine inside that everyone was sampling.

We spent a while at the arcades, but we still had a bit more time and one of the guys wanted to get something from Akihabara, so we all decided to head there together.

Leaving the arcades.

Arrived at Ikebukuro station.

When we got to Akihabara, we split into two groups where one group went to go shopping while I was with Max checking out some stores. We spotted a really cool Nanoha Itasha and proceeded to take some detailed photos of it.

After a bit of a walk around Akihabara, we went back to meet at Shinjuku where The entire group would meet up to see the movie and where I’d give everyone their tickets.

At Shinjuku, I met up with a friend I did some fan translation of the 12 Kingdom novels with and also another person that I met through my blog from Germany. Soon everyone had turned up except for Ronald who was running quite late.

In the end everyone left to the cinema while I stayed back so I could show Ronald to the cinema. Unfortunately after he arrived, I ended up getting a little lost and had to ask for directions to make it to the cinema.

Fortunately since I bought reserved seat tickets, even though we arrived late, we made still had seats even when some people had to stand since they didn’t buy their tickets early enough.

When we arrived, the plan was to head straight into the cinemas, but we saw that there was a store set up to sell the limited edition cinema goods, so Ronald and I ended up missing the first 15 mins of the movie as we were busy buying the limited goods. (⌒-⌒; )

We then entered the cinema with both hands full of shopping.

When the movie finished, we had a souvenir photo taken of everyone before we left for home. The movie was really awesome and it reminded me of the time when I was in Japan when the first movie was screening. The cool thing about it was the last movie was actually a continuation of the first movie, which made it more rewarding. I did kinda regret missing the beginning part of the movie though. Although I blame that on my temptation on buying the limited edition goods while the beginning was screening.

When I got back to my room, I took a photo of some of my loot from the day of shopping and the cinema goods. I got the music DVD, Shiki figure, a poster, all of the movie pamphlets and the movie pamphlet holder.

I also got the huge Alter figure of Hayate Yagami which was from lashinban at Ikebukuro. Also got an ef stand pop too.

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KenOctober 15th, 2010 at 12:47 pm

Wow that was such a fantastic day god i miss it so much! great photos btw!

TimOctober 15th, 2010 at 5:47 pm

Writing these posts feels like i’m reliving each day I was in Japan. Since I’m going back there at the end of the year, I figured that I should try to finish off all of my posts for last year’s trip, but I don’t think I’ll manage to get it all completed by then.

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