I bought an iPad!

Long time since I have last posted a blog. The main reason is because I bought an iPad. πŸ˜›
I have always been into stuff like ebook readers and liked the idea of being able to browse the net whenever you liked. The main thing that held me back was the plans for the mobile Internet.

However when I actually researched the data plans, I found that it was really cheap for Internet access. Vodafone Australia seems to offer a prepaid charge as you go option of 1gb for $15au that will last a month. Also if you recharge the credit before the end of the month the remaining unused data allowance is carried onto the next month of usage.

So I have been enjoying taking the iPad everywhere I go and it has replaced my old 2gb iPod nano as my main mp3 player. However it doesn’t seem to be the ideal platform for blogging. It seems there are only a couple of apps available to do blogging with, and the safari browser can’t display the rich text view on wordpress so I’d have to type in HTML which simply is too difficult on the onscreen keyboard.

I have discovered that the iPad is ideal for visual novel games and have found numerous game makers that have ported their games to iPad or iPhone. One of the big companies, nitrous and 5pb have released a few of the memories off series, and soon at the end of the year, they will release Chaos;Head Noah on iPad and iPhone. Although I already have the xbox 360 version of the game, I am very tempted to buy it again on the iPad because playing it was such an awesome experience.

I have bought a Gela skin for the iPad so it now has a K-on theme to it. I also have converted a large number of anime onto the videos playlist, so I can catch up on my anime when on the bus. I also have a number of light novels and manga that I have copied on it as well as some music sheets. As an ebook reader it is really good, although the online stores that sell ebooks seem to only sell them at the same price as the real paper versions, so it’s too expensive. Now my bag is lighter since I’m not bringing a whole library of manga and novels everywhere I go. I still bring a couple, but the ones I don’t read as often, I just bring an electronic copy.

I also am liking the built-in gps. I often fall asleep on the bus, so it is very useful when I wake up and it is pitch black outside, I can quickly find out where I am and how much longer till I get off, or how far I’ve gone past my stop (like yesterday!).

I am still on the look for a decent cheap Australian car navigation app using gps, however the ones i’ve seen aren’t really that cheap or what I’m expecting, so I’m holding off buying any of the current ones.

Since I use the iPad as a replacement mp3 player, I’ve ordered a wireless remote for the iPad, so I can put the iPad in my bag when walking to and from work and use the remote to skip songs or adjust the volume when I feel like it. At the moment I have to carry it around in a small zip bag so I can access the volume controls as the songs I have vary in volume.

I think I need to stop playing with the iPad too much though. It’s affecting my sleep, my piano practice and is preventing me on pursuing my other hobbies like blogging. πŸ™‚

Posted from an iPad.

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mediainternettabletsSeptember 2nd, 2010 at 12:00 am

Tablet is really a need for my job. I’m wondering between Samsung Galaxy Tab and iPad. It’s hard to choose.

SteveSeptember 2nd, 2010 at 6:04 pm

I’ll probably end up getting an iPad in the next year or so, and each time I read about someone enjoying theirs – especially when they have similar interests, as you do – I want one more. ^^; Not sure if I’ll bother with the 3G version though, since I already have internet on-the-go with my iPhone and I’d sooner jailbreak one of the devices so that I can share the data between them over WiFi than set up (and pay for) another data plan.

With regards to eBooks, the iBooks app can read ePub and PDF formats in addition to what you can buy from the iBooks store. I’m actually considering releasing a “e-magazine” version of my blog for iOS in one of those formats, though I suspect I’ll be more motivated to set that up once I have an iPad myself.

TimOctober 3rd, 2010 at 12:23 am

Why not both. πŸ˜›

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