Piano practice

Last week, I uploaded some videos of myself practicing piano. I still can’t play anime or game songs yet, so I decided to play some of the songs that I liked the most from the Simply Music piano method that I’m learning. I haven’t uploaded all of the songs I can play yet, so I plan to set aside some time to record and upload the remaining songs.

I actually was recording myself play the piano at about midnight till 1am, so I was actually a bit tired but overall was quite happy with my performance. I did however feel intimidated by the camera. On the other hand, it actually helped me identify which songs I need to work on more as I ended up making some mistakes on some songs I thought I could play easily.

Fur Elise


Minuet in G

Alma Mater Blues

Amazing Grace Accompaniment

I’ll be there

The Pipes (I totally screwed up this one! orz)

The Pipes

Ode to Joy

Composition practice (playing around on the piano)

When recording, the area around the piano was quite tidy, but actually the rest of my room was a mess. (^_^;

By the way, after uploading all the videos, I got a pleasant surprise. The creator of the Simply Music piano method, Neil Moore, commented on one of my videos! I’m really happy about it.

I plan to keep up with the piano practice and work towards my goal of playing anime and game songs.
You can find my YouTube channel here. Please subscribe! (^o^)/

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SteveJuly 12th, 2010 at 4:28 pm

I’ve subscribed to your YouTube channel! I love listening to piano so I look forward to hearing more, keep up the good work. がんばってよ!

TimJuly 12th, 2010 at 9:49 pm

Thanks for subscribing! I’ll add the other songs when I get the time to record some more.

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