Japan Trip day 12: Fushimi Inari

In my previous post, I forgot to mention that I actually recieved a birthday present from Ronald, the Canadian that came shopping with me in Osaka. It happened close to the end of our shopping where we spotted some Nanoha and Fate bags for sale in a random doujin shop. I’m quite a fan of the “”Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha” anime series, so I was really happy to receive them as a present.

By the way, on the day before my birthday, I went to Lashinban and bought myself a Dollfie Dream dol. I bought the cheapest one, although that still was about 55,000 yen (650AU~). The doll is from the anime “Deeper than dawning blue (Yoake mae yori Rurina iro de)” and is of the character Estel. I actually don’t know much about the anime or game it’s based on, but I liked it better than the other dolls for sale, so I chose this one.

P1020726 P1020736 P1020740 P1020732 P1020733


Today was the day I planned to explore Kyoto, so I left Namba to go to Umeda station and changed to the JR train to Kyoto. However, before I left, I had some Hokkaido croquette after the hotel’s breakfast of a boiled egg and potato salad.


P1020745 P1020746

I had eaten the croquettes at this small shop before, however this was the first time for the trip. I was just as I remembered, really tasty.

I also have been to Kyoto before, although I haven’t seen all of the site seeing spots yet. To tell the truth, I’m kinda tired of looking at temples, however there was one scene in a manga called “Magical Teacher Negima” which feature a snippet of the characters running through the red gates of Fushimi Inari, so I decided I wanted to visit that place.

When in the train headed to Fushimi Inari, I took a few photos of the passing scenery as it seemed to be nice enough to use for backgrounds for when I make my own visual novel game. Making my own game is still a distant dream, but it is still something that I’d like to do some day.

P1020748 P1020751P1020754 P1020756 P1020757 P1020760

The town that Fushimi Inari is located in is actually a much quieter place than I expected. It was one of those places that you could take your time walking around exploring and appreciating the scenery. Of course theree were many souvenir shops but I didn’t really buy much from there. I just enjoyed the scenery around me as I headed towards the shrine.

P1020779 P1020781 P1020783 P1020784 P1020785 P1020786P1020788 P1020811 P1020813 P1020814P1020816 P1020817 P1020820 P1020821

After walking for 10 mins, I reached the shrine.

P1020824 P1020822P1020825 P1020826

I had always thought that Fushimi Inari was just a place with never ending red gates lined up one after another, but it seems that there are also a few temples there too.

P1020829 P1020833 P1020835 P1020836 P1020838 P1020840 P1020842 P1020845 P1020847 P1020852 P1020853 P1020854 P1020855 P1020862 P1020860 P1020864 P1020866 P1020867

When I entered the shrine, I finally got to see some red gates lined up.

P1020868 P1020869 P1020870 P1020871 P1020872 P1020874P1020873 P1020878
P1020883 P1020885 P1020886 P1020887

According to the manga, the red gates were lined up on flat ground, so I thought that was the case in real life, but in reality, I’d say that about 90% of it was on a stone stairway eitheer going up or downhill. It actually is a staircase that goes up the side of a mountain and down again. It was a humid summer day, so it was quite a exhausting and at the same time interesting experience. There were places throughout the path to rest, grab a drink or ice cream and take a break. Also there were some small shrines throughout the path as well. I even found a sacred tree that was used to wishing for good health.

I actually wanted to walk through it slowly and enjoy the scenery, but there were so many mosquitos that I couldn’t stop at all and had to just keep myself moving to keep them away. Thanks to that, I think I nearly died climbing all those stairs. They seemed to go on forever. However after managing to get to the halfway point, the stairs then went downhill for the rest of the way. Well, actually it did go up and down a bit afterwards. (^^;)

P1020889 P1020890 P1020891 P1020893P1020894 P1020892 P1020971 P1020972 P1020973 P1020974 P1020975 P1020976 P1020977 P1020978

P1020979 P1020980 P1020983P1020981 P1020984 P1020985 P1020986 P1020987 P1020988 P1020989 P1020990 P1020991 P1020992 P1020993 P1020994

After a while, I finally made it out to the other exit of the gate pathway. After exiting the path, there was a really breathtaking overlook of the city. It really was a unforgettable experience. However, I probably won’t attempt doing it again. It was really exhausting, and my shirt was soaked in sweat. Also there was no wind that day. If you do decide to take a trip to Fushimi Inari, please make sure you don’t follow my example and go in the middle of summer on a humid day.

Afterwards, I went to have lunch at one of the stores near the shrine and ordered some Oyako-don and ate it while sitting on the nice tatami seats in the store. Actually while I was still climbing down the stairs on the way back, I received a call from Ronald. He was staying at a hotel in Kyoto at that time, so he invited to show me all the anime shops in Kyoto. So after lunch, I quickly went to Kyoto to meet up with him and be shown around. He was with his friend Max, and we went to Kyoto’s Animate, Gamers and other anime stores to do some shopping. Then after all our shopping, we spent a few hours in one of the video game arcades trying our hand at the skill testers (UFO catchers) trying to win all the anime goods from the machines.

Ronald was actually very good at the UFO catchers, so he was getting all the cool prizes one after another. Max and I simply had the role of changing money into coins so Ronald could win more stuf for us.  (^^;)

Well, at the end, I did give it a shot, and found that I was actually good at the UFO catchers where the prizes hung by a piece of string, and you’d direct a lever to catch over the string and try to pull it down. For some reason I did fairly well at it and managed to win a few things too.

P1030326 P1030327 P1030328 P1030329 P1030330 P1030331

By the way, while enjoying ourselves at the UFO catchers, we met up with Disastorm (sorry I forgot your real name (^^;)). He also was addicted tot he UFO catchers and we had a great time there together.


Since we had spent quite a bit of time at the video arcades, I had to rush off to the trainstation to catch the last train back to Osaka. Unfortunately although I got onto the last train, by the time I reached the JR Osaka station, I had already missed the last subway to Namba, so I had to end up catching a taxi to get back to the hotel.

Once I got back, I went to get some dinner. Since we had som much fun at the arcades, we had totally forgot about eating (^^;) I decided to eat at Yoshinoya. I ordered some Sukiyaki beef. It is of course winter food, but it sure tasted good even during summer.

P1030343 P1030344 P1030346 P1030348 P1030349 P1030350 P1030351 P1030352 P1030353 P1030354

When I got back to the hotel, I took some photos of the shopping I did in Kyoto. I bought the 2008 Animelo Concert Blu-ray disc, K-on tea, Prizes from the UFO catchers (Azusa clock and anime lighters), K-on clear posters, souvenirs from Fushimi Inari and so on.


P1030358 P1030359

P1030360P1030362 P1030363

By the way, when I was waiting at Kyoto to meet up with Ronald, I went up Kyoto Tower and took many photos of the Kyoto scenery. Unfortunately for some reason, I can’t seem to find any photos of it.. (><).

Oh well, anyways, I had a really enjoyable day.

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SteveJanuary 25th, 2010 at 6:56 pm

I love Fushimi Inari, one of my favourite places that I’ve been to in Japan. That view from near the top of the mountain is truly breathtaking. The day that I was there it had been very overcast, but when we reached that spot the clouds hard parted just in time for the sun to beam down onto the city.

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