Japan Trip day 11: Birthday in Osaka! (^o^)


I spent the morning as usual shopping in Den den town and checking out all the stores. While shopping, I got a call from Ronald, the Canadian Otaku that I met at Wonder Festival and Akihabara. Apparently he and his friends were in Osaka doing some siteseeing. The reason he called me was to find out where all the otaku shops were in Osaka. So when I heard that, I offered to meet up with him and to show him around Den den town.

Since there was a bit of time till we were gonna meet up, I of course went to eat at Wendys. I ordered the Salsa chicken burger in a chilli cheese fries set.

P1020624 P1020626

It tasted great!

P1020627 P1020628 P1020629 P1020630

Ronald ended up being late, so I had to wait for a while at the subway, but we managed to meet up in the end. He came with 2 of his friends also from Canada.

P1020631 P1020632

We went to Den den town and when we arrived at Otaroad, Ronald spotted a number of Itasha (cars decorated with anime characters) in the car park opposite the many anime shops. Since I passed by the car park numerous times before when shopping, I was suprised that I didn’t even notice it at all. (^^;)

P1020633 P1020634  P1020638P1020636 P1020637  P1020635P1020639 P1020640

I took Ronald and his friends to Melonbooks, Lashinbang, Volks, Kotobukiya and many other shops in Den den town. However, it seemed the shop that they liked the most was Lashingban. Since I bought my dollfie dream doll from the shop, it was also a favorite of mine as well.

The shop seemed to have a lot of rare goods in there, and as a result, Ronald really shopped quite a bit there. I remember him buying a 20,000 yen Fate Testarossa body pillow cover without hesitation. I’m sure if my memory is correct, he spent close to 100,000 yen in that shop. (>_<)

I thought that I was buying too much, but after being shopping with him, I have to say, I can’t compare to him. (T_T)
Still, being around him did encourage me to spend more. (^_^;)

The photo below is a photo of Ronald and his friends. Ronald is the one on the left while the other two on the right holding all his shopping for him are his friends. As you can tell from the photo, his sightseeing trip to Osaka was a huge success. (^_^;)

P1020642 P1020641P1020643

Since it was getting late, I quickly decided to take them to check out the area of Osaka where those restaurants were for a photo opportunity.

P1020644 P1020645 P1020646 P1020647 P1020648 P1020649 P1020650 P1020651 P1020652 P1020653 P1020655 P1020656P1020654P1020659

P1020657 P1020658 P1020660 P1020661 P1020662 P1020663 P1020664 P1020666

I then took them back to the subway and then had a look around the underground shopping at Namba Walk. Since it was my birthday, I looked around at the restaurants deciding what to eat. I wanted to eat something a bit over the top, so I decided on a nice plate of Hamburg which is a large meatball steak which in this case came on a hot plate with other nice tasty extras. I was lured by the nice food samples outside the shop.

P1020683 P1020684 P1020667

I went it and quickly made my order. It was about 10pm by then, so it wasn’t very packed.

P1020672 P1020673 P1020674 P1020675 P1020676 P1020677 P1020678

After eating, I was still a little hungry, so I decided to order some dessert. I chose a strawberry parfait. It was really delicious. For some reason, in Western Australia, there are no shops that sell sweets like this, so I was quite looking forward to eating it again.


On the way back, I took a picture of the water fountains at Namba Walk.


Going back to the hotel, I took a lot of photos of the shops.

P1020686 P1020687 P1020688 P1020689 P1020690 P1020691 P1020692 P1020693 P1020694 P1020695 P1020696 P1020697 P1020698 P1020699 P1020700 P1020701 P1020702 P1020703 P1020704 P1020705

Today, I didn’t go overboard with my shopping. It was mainly because I had done most of the shopping the previous couple of days. However, since I had some points from Lashinban when I bough my Dollfie dream doll, I traded the 3000 points I earned for 3 K-on music cds and one Candyboy CD. From the Volks rental showcase, I bought the latest Hatsune Miku PSP game which came with a limited edition CD. Unfortunately it didn’t come with the limited edition Nendoroid figure that seemed to be in high demand.

I honestly thought I was gonna spend my birthday by myself, but thanks to Ronald and his friends, I had a great time hanging out with them in Osaka.
It was a really great birthday.


P1020723 P1020724

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Akiba-KidSeptember 21st, 2009 at 5:04 pm

Ah, you had your birthday in Japan >_< Happy belated birthday!

I shop at Lashingbang in Ikebukuro whenever I’m in Tokyo area, I should of made a point card there. The worker there even asked me if I wanted one and I refused, doh! Do they ask for address and stuffs to make a point card there?

TimSeptember 30th, 2009 at 12:36 pm

Thanks for the birthday message 😀

I can’t quite remember anymore but I think that you do need an address to make a point card there.
My Japanese friend was okay with me using his address to make the point cards so I made a point card for almost every anime store I shopped at. Some didn’t require a Japanese address though.

If you want one, next time, just do a google for random Japanese addresses, or get a free address from Tenso.com and use that. They never send any stuff to the address anyways, unless you become a Volks member or Azone member, in which case they will send periodical magazines.

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