Japan Trip day 10: Shopping at Osaka

The second day in Osaka, I was quite busy shopping that I totally forgot to take many pictures of Den Den town, the electronic and anime district of Osaka. As a result, I only have a couple of photos of the stores there.

The day started of course by heading straight to Den den town to take a look around. The previous day one of the stores, Azone International, was closed, so I decided to give it a visit first thing in the day. Lately, dolls have been gaining in popularity in Japan, so to find out more about it, I decided to go to Azone, one of the specialist stores.

P1020513 P1020514

I don’t really find regualr dolls very interesting, but I quite like the Anime-related ones. On the outside of the Azone store, they had a display of the various dolls they sold which I took quite a few pictures of. It seems they sell dolls from 25cm to 60cm in size.

The following display is of the 60cm Azone Anime dolls.

P1020500P1020499 P1020501

      Below are some 25cm Anime dolls  
P1020505 P1020506P1020508

Next are not related to anime, but are some really cute 25cm dolls called Pure Neemo.
P1020512 P1020509 P1020510 P1020511

Azone International is in the same building as Kotobukiya, so I passed through Kotobukiya to go up the stairs to Azone. On the way there, I spotted this full sized doll. I took a photo of it previouly, but I decided to take a few more. (^_^;)

  P1020481 P1020482P1020480 P1020484

After checking out Kotobukiya and Azone International, I went to the Osaka Volks store.


The first floor of Volks was a rental showcase. Essentially it’s a place where many display cabinet boxes are rented out so people can put stuff in it to sell. One of the boxes I found on the way were some interesting figures. Apparently someone took some popular character heads from some figures, and put them onto the bodies of some other figures with various modifications to them. Once I saw this display, I couldn’t stop laughing. (^o^)

After the rental showcase, I checked out the “Tenshi no sumika” section of the building which is a really elaborate display of dollfies dolls on the top floor. Unfortunately you’re not allowed to take photos in the building, so I don’t have any photos of Volks. (>_<)

I was getting hungry after all the looking around and shopping, so I decided to go try some “real” Katsu-don which I had been looking forward to for a long time. It was really delicious. I feel like eating it again each time I see these photos. (^_^;)

P1020492 P1020493 P1020494 P1020495 P1020496 P1020497

I did manage to take a couple of photos of some shops from Den den town’s Otaroad. However that day I was too busy shopping that I forgot all about taking photos of the shop. (>_<)

P1020515  P1020517

After shopping, I returned to the hotel to put my shopping in the room and left again. Actually, while in Himeji, I went to a pool. I had a lot of fun but ended up getting badly sunburnt, so while I was in Osaka, it was starting to get quite painful. I did visit the pharmacy to buy some lotion to put on it, but it didn’t make any difference. So I just put up with it and went out again.

After initially arriving in Osaka, I had been spending my time entirely in Den den town, so I decided to take a look at the other places in Namba, such as one of the famous streets which has many restuarants and shops to see.

P1020518 P1020519 P1020520 P1020522

There are no “Wendys” in Australia, so I had to take a photo of it when I saw it in Japan. It looked good, but I decided that I’d eat some Japanese food for dinner that night.

P1020521 P1020523 P1020524  P1020526

I crossed the road outside Bic Camera.

P1020528     P1020533
P1020534  P1020536 

After crossing, no matter where you looked, there were restaurants and shops everywhere. I wasn’t able to make up my mind on where to go to eat.

P1020539 P1020540 P1020541 P1020538 P1020553

I went up to the bridge in Shinsaibashi and took many photos. It is a nice spot to take some great night shots.

P1020543 P1020544 P1020545 P1020542 P1020547 P1020550

Going back from Shinsaibashi, I took even more photos of the area. I quite enjoyed taking photos of Osaka at night.

P1020551 P1020552  P1020554 P1020555 P1020556 P1020557

I finally decided on a restaurant and went to eat at Tonbei, a Okonomiyaki restaurant.

P1020558 P1020559 P1020560

It had been a while since I ate Okonomiyaku, so I really enjoyed it. So tasty!

P1020561 P1020588P1020562 P1020565 P1020573 P1020574 P1020575 P1020577 P1020579 P1020580 P1020582

It finished cooking. Itadakimasu!

P1020583 P1020584 P1020585 P1020586

It was so tasty.


I left the restaurant and walked around the area.

P1020589 P1020590 P1020591  P1020594 P1020596 P1020597 P1020592P1020598 

On the way back to the hotel, I bought some Turkish icecream from this guy. He was really interesting and did funny things with the icecream. It was also quite tasty.

P1020601 P1020602

Looks like some sort of accident. I wonder what happened.

P1020605 P1020606

I spotted this interesting game. It’s one where you have a gun and shoot at targets timing the shots with music. When watching, the song that was playing was the opening song to Evangelion.


I was still a bit hungry after the Okonomiyaki and icecream, so I couldn’t resist the temptation of eating at Wendys. I ordered a Jr.BBQ burger. It was tasty! (^_^;)

P1020614 P1020608 P1020609 P1020610 P1020611 P1020612 P1020613

I arrived at the hotel at last! But not before taking one more photo. (^_^;)


This is my shopping loot for the day. The Tsugumi, Zange and Nagi figures from teh anime Kannagi I bought in a 3 figure set cost me only 10,000 yen brand new. It was on sale at the Kotobukiya shop. On the right hand side, I bought a 60cm dollfie doll of Estel. I got it at Osaka’s Lashinban store where I got it 2nd hand for 55,000 yen. It was actually the cheapest price for it anywhere I went in Japan. Still, I quite liked it. The price is quite expensive compared to my other shopping, but because it was alot, I gained about 3,000 yen worth of points to spend at the shop. I also spent over a certain amount which meant I got some freebies as well. The CDs at the bottom middle of the photo are some CDs I received for free. They included a Touhou music CD and a doujin visual novel game. Apart from that, I also bought a Wonder Festival limited edition cat maid outfit from Azone for the 60cm doll. I also got a event limited lucky star outfit for the doll too.

At Den den town’s Softmap, I bought myself a headphone and microphone. I bought a Rin Tousaka figure to replace one that I broke at home, and at a junk computer parts shop, I bought a cheap USB video camera for only 200 yen. I also found the latest edition of Naruto and bought various doujin (fan made) goods from previous comic market events.


I also bought the full set of K-on gachapon figures too! As expected, Den den town is much cheaper than Akihabara for shopping.


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KoharuSeptember 12th, 2009 at 6:23 pm

Wow nice loot! I waannnt those Kannagi figures…

TimSeptember 13th, 2009 at 3:26 pm

Thanks! I’m really happy about the purchase of the Kannagi figures.
They looked especially good in the Kotobukiya display cabinet, so I had to get them while I was in Japan. 😛

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