Japan Trip Day 7 to 8: Himeji

One of the nights at Himeji, I passed by the area where the Himeji Castle festival was gonna be held and took a few photos. There were already stalls out selling festival foods although since it wasn’t the main couple of days, it was rather quiet.

P1020066_thumb P1020069_thumb P1020074_thumb P1020046_thumb P1020048_thumb P1020049_thumb P1020050_thumb P1020052_thumb P1020053_thumb P1020054_thumb P1020057_thumb P1020060_thumb


The next day, I went to watch the new Naruto movie on the opening day. It was full of kids and their parents.

P1020081_thumb P1020082_thumb P1020084_thumb P1020085_thumb P1020089_thumb

I had plans to meet up with Jennifer, my friend I met when doing an exchange to Japan. So after a brief walk though the stores outside Himeji station, I met up with her and one of her friends from Singapore who was also here for holiday and had dinner. WE decided to take a look at the festival and then go to karaoke.

 P1020096_thumb P1020100_thumb P1020102_thumb P1020103_thumb P1020104_thumb P1020105_thumb P1020107_thumb P1020108_thumb P1020109_thumb P1020110_thumb

P1020119_thumb P1020122_thumb P1020123_thumb P1020124_thumb P1020125_thumb P1020127_thumb

There was a lot of dancing which was really impressive. I also went around trying various festival foods.

 P1020132_thumb P1020136_thumb P1020139_thumb P1020142_thumb P1020141_thumb P1020145_thumb P1020148_thumb P1020149_thumb P1020118_thumbP1020150_thumb P1020151_thumb P1020153_thumb P1020154_thumb P1020156_thumb P1020159_thumb P1020160_thumb

While waiting for Jennifer before meeting up with her, I went to animate and bought myself an artbook and a K-on music cd.

P1020184_thumb P1020274_thumb P1020279_thumb P1020187_thumb

I got a little phone strap from Jennifer that she bought from Thailand.


I took a few pictures of the houses around Yuuki’s place and the photo of my room.

P1020203_thumb P1020205_thumb P1020206_thumb P1020207_thumb

I took a photo of my favorite book shop there called bookmarket which has lots of manga and novels for sale 2nd hand at really cheap prices.

P1020213_thumb P1020216_thumb

Got myself a “Jinbei” outfit for the festival and was planning to head to the Kakogawa fireworks festival with Yuuki, but it got cancelled. (>_<)

Instead, we ended up going to the Himeji Castle festival which was still happening as it was on for the entire weekend.

 P1020219_thumb P1020220_thumb P1020223_thumb P1020226_thumb P1020228_thumb P1020229_thumb P1020234_thumb P1020239_thumb P1020240_thumb P1020247_thumb P1020254_thumb P1020259_thumb P1020261_thumb P1020264_thumb P1020266_thumb P1020272_thumb

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AnonymousAugust 9th, 2009 at 10:00 pm

Himeji looks like awesome fun, I want to to there next time πŸ˜€

AnonymousAugust 9th, 2009 at 10:24 pm

Hey Tim,

I enjoy looking at your holiday pics, if you have time, can you also put caption on what event/things so I know what is going on. πŸ˜›

I also wanna try putting yukata and have fun too.

TimAugust 10th, 2009 at 12:01 am

Yep will do, just lack of internet access in my Osaka hotel.
Just wanted to upload something to show whats happening. Will edit the posts with descriptions when i get the time.

melAugust 11th, 2009 at 4:27 pm

I wanna experience the real summer festivals πŸ™

btw who were those 2 ladies that were in your pics ;D

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