Japan Trip Day 4 to 6: Himeji

Sorry for the late update, it was a bit inconvenient to access the internet at the hotel in Osaka and at Himeji, so I managed to only upload some pictures.

After Tokyo I went over to Himeji to visit my host family from when I studied in Japan in 2004. I took the Nozomi bullet train early in the morning and arrived about lunch time.

P1010771 P1010769 P1010811 P1010770 P1010780

I was picked up by my host family brother, Yuuki, who took me out for lunch, then took me to the house which had a nice welcome sign the host father had prepared. (^o^)

Since there wasn’t much to do at the house apart from putting my luggage in the room, I got a lift to the city where I did some exploring.

P1010782 P1010790 P1010791

I found a gaming store with some anime goods as well.

P1010792 P1010793

Did a bit of exploring of the city. Looked like they were preparing for the upcoming Himeji Castle festival.

 P1010795 P1010797 P1010798  P1010803 P1010808 P1010810  P1010821 P1010825 P1010826 P1010827 P1010842

I managed to do some shopping as well and bought myself a PSP game called Utawarerumono. It’s the first release limited editon that came with a lot of extras.


Visited Animate to check out some anime goods, and


I tried a lot of various fast foods as well. This one wasn’t very good though.. meat patty tasted tough in parts. I should of taken it back, since there was a satisfaction guarantee, although by then i already ate the burger, so i couldn’t take anything back.

P1010862 P1010863 P1010864 P1010867 P1010869 P1010870 P1010871

Went to some anime/hobby-related stores in one of the shopping centres.

 P1010876 P1010877 P1010878 P1010879 P1010880 P1010881P1010883


I found another game store!



More food and drinks.

 P1010892 P1010896 P1010899 

Lots of walking and working off all the food I ate.

P1010900 P1010902 P1010906 P1010908 P1010915 P1010919 P1010922 P1010929 P1010930 P1010932 P1010934 P1010936 P1010940

 P1010942 P1010955 P1010977

Went to a gym to work out and found that there was Shorinjin Kempo tournament traingng going on.

 P1010980 P1010981 P1010984 P1010985 P1010988 P1010992 P1010994 P1010995 P1020008 P1020020 P1020023 P1020024 P1020026 P1020028 P1020029

Ate at a Chinese resturant called Kohouseki with Yuuki. Ate some crab omelette on rice which tasted like shark fin soup.

P1020032 P1020034 P1020036 P1020037 P1020038 P1020042


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AnonymousAugust 9th, 2009 at 10:01 pm

utawarumono psp :> must cost you lots

what is that food at the bottom? some kind of ramen?

TimAugust 11th, 2009 at 3:18 am

It’s Utawarerumono PSP game limited first edition.

The food on the bottom is some Chinese Japanese food that is a mix of crab meat and omelette on rice. It tasted really nice and tastes like shark fin soup.

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