Going to Japan this Saturday

I'll be leaving for Japan this Saturday (25th July). It would be cool to
meet up with some of you while in Japan if you would like to meet up.

I'll be there for about 5 weeks. Pretty much all of August.

My current schedule is:
26th Arrive in morning, head straight to Wonder festival (Meet with
Japanese Otaku friend (やす69), Rin and also try meet Danny Choo)
27th: Have plans
28th: Shopping at Akiba
July 29th-Aug 2nd Go to Himeji to visit friends

3rd-6th Shopping at Osaka
7th-8th Have plans
9th Tokyo Figure Show at Harajuku to meet Danny Choo (if possible) on
last day of event
10th Have plans
11th-13th Shopping at Akiba
14th-16th Gone to Comic Market!
17th-20th No plans.. in Tokyo
21th Go to Karate tournament at Makuhari Messe
22th-23rd Watch the Animelo music festival
24th No plans
25th Have plans
26th-28th No Plans
29th Go to C3xHOBBY for the first day and leave at lunch for flight
If anyone is headed to Japan in August, I done some research into what events are on.
Here is a short list of them:
Wonder Festival Summer 2009
Comic Market 76
Tokyo Figure Show (Hosted by Danny Choo at Harajuku)
Gundam Big Expo
Amateur Radio Festival Ham Fair
Monster Hunter Festa (at Makuhari Messe)
Kyokushin Karate Tournament (at Makuhari Messe)

Also, since it's summer, there is a high chance you will come across a
lot of fireworks and matsuri (festivals) during your stay.

Hope to meet up in Japan if you're interested.
Just let me know when in my schedule is a good time to meet. I'm happy
to meet on day of events and so on, just ask and I'll see what we can
sort out.
I already have plans to meet up with a few people, but please leave a comment if you’re interested.

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AnonymousAugust 9th, 2009 at 10:22 pm

Hey Tim,

I didn’t see you put down Odaiba, if you have no plan on that day, you should go there, there is 1/1 size Gundam RX78. The Odaiba area is also worth spending some time looking around too.

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