Supanova Perth 2009

I haven’t been to Supanova before, so I thought even though I am going to Japan very soon, I should go and see what it is like. Since I’m running low in time till I leave to Japan, I’ll try to minimise the text and let the photos do the explaining.

madman screening theatre

The event is a 3 day anime and sci-fi event, which starts with a Friday night session which involves meeting some famous actors, voice actors, charity anime auction, charity cosplayer slave auction and a screening of “5cm a second”.


The Friday night was interesting, however I had a lot of trouble finding the venue of the event as all the lights were off, and there were no signs indicating where the convention was held. Fortunately with the help of a GPS, I was able to somewhat pinpoint the location of the event.

Entry involved swapping our tickets with some wrist bands that we had to wear ALL weekend. That wasn’t something I quite enjoyed since you’d be denied entry if the band was removed. (>_<)

Supanova wrist band

Everything seemed good at first, but since the audio was really echoey, I couldn’t really make out what anyone on the stage was saying. In the end, it was quite hard to know what was going on.

Some famous actors, the first one is Anakin Skywalker from Star wars Episode 1, the other is an actor from Star Trek.

starwars ep1 anakin star trek guy

The charity anime goods auction and charity cosplayer slave auction.

charity auction bunta kun for auction cosplay slave auction

I was really looking forward to the “5cm per second” screening, however, it seemed that they had two tiny projectors that displayed a rather blurred image, so I couldn’t enjoy the show. In addition, there were technical problem so there were no subtitles for the anime, which didn’t bother me, but it resulted in most of the people leaving early or hanging out and chatting in the corridor nearby.

cosplay corridorbunta kun and cactus cosplay bunta kun

Sneak peeks of the stalls being set up.

more stalls set up stalls getting set up

Saturday and Sunday:

The Saturday was much better and the queue to enter was quite long. It was interesting to all the different people in cosplay. I took a photo of most of the stalls at the event. I missed a few, but as you can tell from the beginning, my camera was simply taking so many blurred photos that most of them were unusable. Sunday was just a continuation of Saturday but with different events.

I won’t say much, but here are a few photos from Saturday and Sunday.


The registration desk

Supanova day 2 070 registration desk

Tamarket, an online shop based in Melbourne

Supanova day 2 006 Tamarketsupernova day 1 025 Tamarket 2

Ace Anime

Supanova day 2 009 ace anime

Pinin from Melbourne

supernova day 1 022 PininSupanova day 2 003 Pinin

Tokyo Underground

Supanova day 2 061 tokyo underground

Kings Comics

Supanova day 2 065 kings comics supernova day 1 031 kings comics

Wacom booth

supernova day 1 026 wacomSupanova day 2 064 wacom lizardgod

Trading card Tournaments WA

Supanova day 2 068 trading cards


supernova day 1 064 wrestling

501st Legion

supernova day 1 057 501st legion stallsupernova day 1 035 501st legion supernova day 1 042 501st legion supernova day 1 041 501st legion

Artists Alley

supernova day 1 028 artist alley 2 supernova day 1 027 artist alley

The shopping was quite good there, and there were a few good bargains available, but it seemed that most of the items were not really discounted at all which was a disappointment. All the anime figures were aroung $150-$200 each and since I wasn’t into the discounted English mangas, I didn’t find too much that interested me in the shopping.

As for the scheduled events at the convention, I saw the anime related ones which were okay, but the venue simply was too small, so it was very difficult to see the stage and it was very crowded.


As for the cosplay and the cosplay competition, it was all very good and enjoyable, however it was so crowded I couldn’t really see the stage properly and the lighting was bad, so my camera couldn’t take many decent shots.

Cosplay Competition entrees

supernova day 1 116 shaoran cosplay supernova day 1 114 board cosplay supernova day 1 112 kingdom hearts supernova day 1 109 sailor moon cosplay kimono cosplay supernova day 1 106 ccs cosplay supernova day 1 105 dancing doll cosplay supernova day 1 099 cosplay comp winner supernova day 1 096 shaoran cosplay supernova day 1 083 cosplay comp ccs supernova day 1 078 cosplay comp

Random Cosplay photos

supernova day 1 150 iron man supernova day 1 146 giant key cosplaysupernova day 1 010 naruto queue supernova day 1 139 soul eater cosplay supernova day 1 136 ff inuyasha cosplaysupernova day 1 070 cosplay comp supernova day 1 066 cosplayers supernova day 1 056 american comic cosplay supernova day 1 055 naruto bleach cosplay supernova day 1 050 shana yuffie ff7 cosplay supernova day 1 047 shana yuffie ff7 cosplay supernova day 1 013 inuyasha Supanova day 2 059 azumanga daioh cosplay Supanova day 2 015 dragonball cosplaySupanova day 2 001 wookie Supanova day 2 008 green miku Supanova day 2 023 giant gun cosplay


In regard to shopping, I took a few pics of the stuff I ended up buying after 3 days of the convention. Despite many stalls not really discounting the goods, I did end up buying quite a bit of stuff. I got the 12 Kingdoms DVDs on discount, although I am missing volume 8 which I need to complete the set. Apart from that, I got a couple of anime files (Negima and Getsumen Tou Heiki Meena), a He is my master pencil board, a couple of trading figures, some posters, anime promo dvd, post cards and magazines.

bags o lootentire loot minus naruto poster

top of loot12 kingdoms dvds closeup

all of loot

In conclusion, I think I enjoyed Waicon better than this event, but still found that I enjoyed myself over the weekend. Looking back, there was a lot of interesting things going on, but I think I missed out in a lot of them as I didn’t plan what to do in the event properly. Next time I will attend more of the seminars which apparently were quite good compared to the anime events which were a bit disappointing.

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ErinNovember 3rd, 2009 at 5:20 pm

I’m Giant Key girl. XD

TimNovember 11th, 2009 at 9:07 am

Hi Erin,
Thanks for visiting my blog.
That was some nice cosplaying. Looks like it took a lot of work to make.
Especially the giant key.

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