Camera batteries

In preparation for my Japan trip at the end of July, I decided to buy some spare camera batteries from Ebay. When I was in Japan last time, I bought a decent point and shoot digital camera and a 4GB memory card for it, but found that I actually ran out of battery before I could even fill up the memory card.

This made things fustrating when at comic market taking photos of cosplay or when at Disney land Tokyo and running out of batteries.

Anyways I managed to get some spare batteries from China for a sweet deal of $14AU. Also the postage only took a week!

The batteries work really well, and I am testing them out on the camera. No problems so far.

digicam batteries closeup digicam batteries

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AnonymousJune 23rd, 2009 at 10:16 pm

ya, i am doing the same as well, carry extra batteries and sd card can keep the camera rolling until you finish.

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