My BK1 book order arrived!

Previously I ordered a lot of light novels and manga from the online Japanese bookshop BK1. That order arrived 2 weeks ago. Although I am going to japan soon, I decided to make an order for some books that I wanted to read in the short term. Normally when I go to Japan, I often send back the books I buy via seamail. Usually that means sending 20-40 kilos of books which takes around 3 months as seamail is the only feasible shipping option available. So for this very reason, I ordered the books that I wanted to read in the short term before going to Japan.

This time, I ordered the continuation volumes of the manga I have been reading as well as some light novels. Of course, I could easily download the manga from the net, but I find that I much prefer and enjoy reading it on paper. Lately the Australia dollar and Japanese yen exchange rate has been quite favourable, so my shopping this time wasn’t too expensive.

At the moment, I’ve already read 2 manga volumes and am currently reading one light novel. I’m really glad that I bought the books. Also I finished reading the latest Naruto. It was really interesting. I so wanna read the next volume! (^o^)

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AnonymousJune 23rd, 2009 at 10:15 pm

whoa, more books?! you need a bigger room 😛

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