First Plastic Model Kit – Hasegawa’s Macross Zero VF-0D

Two to three months ago, I bought 4 Macross model kits in a sale at “Freaks and Geeks”. At that time, I was really into Macross Frontier so I ended up buying quite a lot of kits.


Like I mentioned in the title, I haven’t made any plastic model kits before, so when I first opened the box adn looked at the number of parts, I was quite suprised. The kits definately are not designed for beginners. All of the parts were plain white, and it seemed that the parts needed to be glued together rather than being snapped together. In additon to that, there were so many tiny parts that needed to be painted all different colours which made the kits seem pretty difficult.

box side leftbox side right

Since I have built a garage kit before, I kinda know what I need to do to make a plastic model kit (plamo for short) as they are quite similar. However, I still have to admit that it looks really difficult. Until recently, I just kept all the kits stacked in a shelf to be built someday in the future, but 1 month ago, I met up with a friend at Pen Cafe who seemed to like plastic models (in particular Macross ones!). We ended up teaming up and now spend our a day of our weekend assembling and painting plastic models. He actually has a lot of Macross kits and has built a few previously, however, he hadn’t really ventured into painting the kits. So considering that I knew a bit on how to use the airbrush to paint my figures, we decided to work together and help each out while building the kit.

box topmodel side viewmodel front viewmodel top right view

Currently, I have painted most of the cockpit, and also assembled and painted the gun that is normally mounted underneath the plane. I have so far made several mistakes including screwing up my painting, using too much glue when joining pieces and melting the plastic and so on. However, fortunately I have been able to recover from my failures by repairing the pieces I ruined and am now slowly progressing with the kit. I am currently building the VF-0D which is a blue coloured jet plane. I actually however, am more interested in building the “VF-1 Supre/Strike Valkyrie” as well as I can. The current plane I’m building is an okay design, but it’s really just a practice kit so I’m not too concerned if I totally screw it up.

Once I’ve made the VF-1, I plan to buy and build the VF-25 from Macross Frontier.

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