Otaku desk competition

I entered the Otaku desk competition at dannychoo.com. The prize for the competition was a $150US cash coupon which can be used at JLIST to buy all sorts of Japanese and Anime related goods. Since I happened to have rearranged my room recently to make space for some new figures, I decided to take up the challenge and use some of those newly opened figures to liven up my desk at well as use the current convenience of all the light novels and manga being easily accessible for a quick read when I feel like a break from the computer.

I ended up arranging my favorite new figures on my desk and started snapping away. This time my goal was to show how my desk was quite convenient and useful rather than just being full of figures.

The desk turned out like this.

my desk 2 cropped with watermark

Unfortunately, my desk didn’t win the competition. However, one of my internet friends, Aya Kyunik who has a blog called MoeIdolatry, came second place. He is also an Aussie and likes collecting Mecha musume and Dollfies.

You can check out the other otaku desks here.

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pinkbabyshowerinvitations.netMarch 25th, 2017 at 6:50 pm

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