Tower of unopened figures

Previously, I showed off my otaku room and lately, it seems to be filling with more and more newly aquired goods that I hadn’t been able to display since my room has been running critically low in space. Recently, I have been recieving a number of figures that I had preordered, however they have just been stored in one corner of my room that is starting to become quite a tower of unopened figures. The figure tower goes from the floor to the ceiling, and actually contains quite a few figures that I really would like to open and display if I had the space. My space issue for my room really is that much of a problem. (^^;)

Because of this, I’ve decided to rearrange and clean my room. The goal of course is to make room for my new figures, so I plan to reorganise all the stuff in my room and get rid of a lot of books I don’t read. Over last weekend, I managed to remove about 50 books from my room to get rid off. Most of these are books that I bought when studying Japanese when I just bought anything Japanese, but now realise what I bought was all non-anime related and really boring novels and incomplete old mangas.

tidied desk tidied ps3 area colour fixed

tidied figure cupboard former bookshelf cleared up space for figures

I initially planned to just get rid of them, however I am not really the type that tends to throw away things, so I think it’ll eventually end up somewhere under my bed. I did have a peek at the stuff under my bed and it seems that I have stuff like old toys, unusable computer parts, old software and many video tapes. I think instead of getting rid of the books, I’ll likely get rid of the stuff under my bed and keep the book in it’s place. Also I can put some books I don’t read as often there as well making more room for my figure collection.

By the way, since I’ve been rather busy lately, I haven’t really been keeping up with writing about the figures that I have received over the last couple of weeks. About 3 weeks ago, my order for PVC figures of Klan Klang from Macross Frontier and Natsume Rin from Little Busters. I also got some resin kits as well, one which was of the same Natsume Rin figure. I actually wanted to buy one or the other, but since I preordered them both and wasn’t sure when they would arrive, I didn’t know which one to cancel so I decided to wait and see. In the end, they both were posted at the same time, so  I have both. (^^;)

Apart from figures, I also received my monthly subscription of anime magazines imported though The magazines I am subscribed to are Megami Magazine, Megami Magazine Deluxe, Megami Magazine Creators and Dengeki G’s Magazine. Of the 4 magazines, only 2 of them are monthly, and the rest are quarterly releases. However, as luck would have it, all four of them happened to arrive for last month’s volume. Since they all arrived at once, It was significantly more expensive for this month’s shipment. (>_<)

received figures and magazines klan klang rin natsume 2 garage kits desk view

klan klang box natsume rin box closeup

Also, I forgot to mention that in the city, I quickly browsed through the local (mostly empty) anime shops and found some nice looking Lucky Star key chains that look like mini nendoroid figures. They looked pretty rough and it was obvious that it was a chinese pirate copy, but since the price was so cheap, I ended up buying the set for $20 anyways. They are currently displayed hanging on my room door.

lucky star keychains

The following week, my friend who went to Japan returned. At the Pen Cafe for that week, he brought with him that Ranka Lee figure that I had been wanting to getting my hands on.

I had asked him if he happened to see it in Japan to buy it for me, and it seems that he went quite out of the way to buy the figure at the cheapest price in as he toured many shops in Tokyo and Osaka.  It seems that the figure itself wasn’t that difficult to find, but the prices were quite expensive. In Akihabara, one of them was selling at 15,000 yen meanwhile, the one he got me was only 7000 yen. The 15,000 yen one was actually within the price range I told him, which was fine with me, but I am thankful that he did buy it at a cheap price.

I really owe him one, and will plan to buy any goodies he wants when I visit Japan in August. (^o^)

2 macross figures and rin desk view closeup ranka lee desk closeup

ranka lee closeup ranka lee desk negima pic bg

Lastly, 2 days ago, another figure arrived. I received my Louise in a Goth punk outfit that I preordered from Hobby Search. The figure is by ALTER, and when I first saw the preorder pictues on, I knew I had to preorder it straight away. I noticed that the preorders closed up pretty quickly and it sold out though preorders on the day of release. I am glad that I had preordered it several months ago when I did.

figure box louise louise box close

louise box back tower o figures

This weekend, I am planning to open and display all of my new figures. There are many that I really like and would like to open, so I am really looking forward to it. Once I have finished arranging them for display, I plan to take more photos to show off on this blog. (^o^)

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AnonymousJune 20th, 2009 at 12:10 am

i saw the louise fig, really nice, i spent good 5 minutes just keep looking and admiring the fig. then again, i like tsundere girl xD

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