Tim’s Oekaki!

OP_welcome to oekaki

I made a new oekaki for my blog at: http://timkoh.info/oekaki/

For the first picture, I spent about 3 hours drawing and colouring this picture.
It was hard to work with a 500×500 pixel canvas and to draw the face that small, but I had a lot of fun and hope that the picture attracts people to draw in my Oekaki.

Please check out the site and see how I draw by clicking watch animation on the site. Perhaps you can comment on how I can improve my drawing if you can see how I draw my pics.

Hope to see you on my Oekaki! (^o^)ノ

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EllieDecember 10th, 2010 at 10:47 pm

Mabeye you could create a storyline for each of your characters in your pictures or something…….

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