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Last weekend, I went to Pen Cafe again for another drawing session. This time it ended quite late, so I was quite tired the next day. However as usual I had a really great time. This time, Pen Cafe started from 6pm as usual, but finished at 5am, so we ended up drawing for about 11 hours. Despite that, I only ended up finishing 3 pictures! (T_T)

Recently, I’ve been into reading and watching the anime and manga called K-on (meaning light music) about a group of girls forming a music club at their school. Since I was quite into this new anime, I decided to draw one of the main characters, Yui Hirazawa. It was quite difficult to come up with the pose but it was even harder to draw her in the pose. I actually wanted to draw her from a slightly higher angle from the top, to make the drawing more dynamic, but it turned out after trying to redraw her 3 times, that it was too difficult for me at my level. The most difficult part of the post to draw was the legs. I really spent a long time trying to get the proportions, and foreshortening on this picture right. I though I had it right when I finished drawing it, but now when I look at it, I see some places that need to be worked on.

I hope to perhaps digitize this drawing and draw in the other band members in other cool poses surrounding her.

k-on yui

Besides for drawing K-on drawings, I also challenged one of the guys that sat next to me to a game of drawing a random character from one of my many anime magazines, except following a particular theme. It was very interesting and enjoyable activity.

The first picture that we selected was the girl Kino from “Gakuen Kino” a parody of the popular light novel called “Kino’s Journey (Kino no Tabi)”. The theme for this character was cat girls. As for the next drawing, we ended up with “Mizuki Takase” from the visual novel Comic Party this time with the theme of Magical girl.

kinoveeta cosplay

When I drew the pictures, I really was happy with them, but now that I look at it again, the car girl Kino’s body is too long, and the legs of Mizuki cosplaying as Veeta is too short. I really need to work harder to getting the proportions and lengths right when I draw.

girl sketch

By the way, I also have a half drawn original picture that I drew on the weekend outside Pen Cafe. It is still half drawn, but I just felt like uploading it anyways.

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KitkatMarch 27th, 2011 at 8:58 pm

There good x!

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