Pictures I drew at Pen Cafe and on Paint Chat

This weekend, I drew 3 pictures at Pen Cafe. One was a continuation of a previous one and the other two were new drawings. I find that I still need to use guidelines when I draw, however I have noticed that thanks to using them, I am drawing slightly faster now.

fate testarossa 2 swimsuit girl lying down girl

I find that when drawing, the biggest problem I have is not being able to imagine the completed drawing in my head. So, to try tackle the problem, I tend to bring and look through a lot of anime art books to look at the various poses, clothes and so on to help me get motivated. This however, as expected takes up heaps of my drawing time which is not good. If I can get past this problem, then I should be able to draw a lot more faster which will motivate me to draw more.

By the way, last night I logged onto Paint Chat after not using it for a long time. I didn’t really chat much or collaborated with the other artists. I pretty much just concentrated on my drawings on my portion of the shared canvas… (^^;)

Anyways, on paint chat I drew some pics either of the figures on my desk or from a pose of a figure on my desk. I drew them quite quickly but it turned out unexpectedly quite good.

  pchat arms out girlpchat Anna Coppolapchat little busters Kudryavka Noumi


I feel like I’ve been drawing too much this weekend.
Please let me know what you think of the drawings and if there are any bits that look odd.

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AnonymousApril 13th, 2009 at 11:24 pm

i see some improvements, keep up with the good work.

there is never spending too much on drawing by the way, you should draw as often as possible.

EszApril 14th, 2009 at 7:40 pm

I really like the first two drawings 😀 Never stop using guidlines – they’re very very important – it helps you lay out proportion and pose before you’ve done so much that if you get it wrong, the whole drawing is wrecked.

Usually I don’t think of the complete picture either – but that’s one of my faults, its so HARD to FINISH something lol. I just think of the pose and the general feel and then go from there.

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