Clannad Mouse Review

My mice that I ordered from Hobby Search ( arrived today! The price per mouse was 6,300 yen, however since there were two versions, I decided to buy them both. Including postage the total cost was about 11,196 yen. Thats about just under $100AU per mouse at the current exchange rate. It was quite expensive. However, this time the postage was cheaper than expected as the packaging was much less than I imagined.

both mice packaged opened package

Since I used the 2184 points I had saved up at Hobby Search, the total was 11,196 yen. Normally without the points used, it would of been even more expensive. 1 point counts as a 1 yen discount, so it really did save me quite a bit. Still, as you imagine, this is a highly priced mouse. There aren’te really any fancy features or anything. It’s just got an anime character on it, which made me really want to buy it. (^^;)

unplugged cord not as far closeup

The mouse that I decided to open was the Nagisa Furukawa version of the mouse. My first impression was that the First production limited edition bonus item, a stand pop card display of all the windows shortcut keys, looked rather cheaply made. My 2nd impression was that the USB cable was way too short! I ended up having to use a USB extension cable.

As it’s a optical mouse, it also has the all too normal red light sensor on the bottom of the mouse. When I use the mouse, it feels quite good. The wheel scroll is nice to use and it is quite accurate when I move the cursor.

I want to keep it in as pristine condition as possible when I use it, but I have noticed that already there are very tiny scratches on the bottom already from a small amount of usage. I guess that can’t be helped. Well, anyways the quality of the mouse is quite good, and the picture of Nagia is protected by the translucent cover, so I think it should last me hopefully the next few years.

closeup in use closeup

whole desk mouse

Ignoring the shortness of the USB cable, I am quite happy with my purchase this time. I really reccommend this mouse to everyone, in particular Clannad fans.

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AnonymousApril 2nd, 2009 at 11:18 pm


TibulApril 6th, 2009 at 5:08 pm

ah so you finally got your Clannad mouse, just need your Mac to go along with it ^^

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