Model and figure making work area

Lately I haven’t done much regarding figure making. The reason is mainly because I simply don’t have the time. Even though I often am in the mood to work on making a figure, the main obsticle is the amount of time (about half an hour) it takes to take out and arrange on the table in the backyard my half made figure, airbrush, paints, sand paper, clay, newspapers, putty and so on.  Then after I am satified with my progress on the figure, I often then have to spend half a further 30mins to 1hr just to clean and pack everything back up. So as you can imagine, it is a lot of work.

Since I noticed that, I decided that I really needed to secure some place for me to work on my models where i can leave things halfway and continue them later on. I ended up deciding on the shed behind the car porch. I ended up converting the desk in the shed into my workplace after asking pleading to my dad to let me use it.

modeldesk zoom out modeldesk1

Last weekend, I spent a bit of time prepping up the work area with all the model making tools I needed, and then spent some time working on my full scratch figure. This time, I worked on extending one of the legs that I did halfway last time and sculpted the waist of the figure while referring to some of the figures I put on the desk and also to screenshots of a model I made that in the game 3D Custom Girl. I really only just added a bit of clay onto the leg and let it dry, but the main work was on sculpting the waist of the figure.

 model desk left view model desk right view

When I worked on extending the leg of the figure, I simply just tried to attach some soft clay onto the existing leg and join a previously dried stick of clay to it. However, it seemed that the piece kept falling off, and it ended up being quite hectic to keep it together long enough to dry. (^^;)

After finally managing to extend the leg and drying the clay I added, I realized that I could of done it a lot easier if I simply jointed the two pieces with some hard wire using super glue and then covering it with clay.

Anyways, I still made progress on my figure, and since I can resume work on it at any time, I think I should be able to finish it a lot faster than I previously would be able to.

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