I bought a Wacom Intuos 3 6×11 tablet!(^o^)

I often check out Wacom tablets on Ebay and often look at how much the Intuos 3 tablets sell for. Currently, the 6×11 tablets sell at $550AU average. Normally if you were to buy the same tablet from the Wacom website distributor, It normally costs up to $650AU. This time, I had found myself an auction rather than a buy it now, so I decided to add it to My Ebay so I could follow it and hopefully get it cheap. However, after a few days, about 5 minutes before the auction was about to finish, I actually noticed the reminder email sent to me. As I didn’t check my main very often, I had nearly missed it. As I already own a smll Intuos 3, I wanted to upgrade to a larger tablet, however, as you7d expect I was hesitant because I already owned a tablet and wasn’t as good at drawing as I would like to be. So anyways, I ended up just bidding in the last few seconds really not sure if i should buy or not.. and I ended up unexpectingly winning the tablet.

I wasn’t sure at the time whether I should of been happy or if I should be regretting the purchase, but I was sure shocked that I won. The price that I got it for was $445AU. As this was my first bit at such a high amount, I was a bit worried, but now that I think about it, I actually got the tablet at a great price.

I paid straight away with Paypal, and I got a notfication mail the next day from the sender that it was posted. The tablet I bough was actually stated as 2nd hand, but it really was as described, in very good condition. It was in fact in better condition than the smaller tablet that I have been taking good care of. (^^)

 tablet post package wacom 6x11 box

I received it in a quite large package. When I purchase the tablet, I had a general idea of the size of it, but in reality, I was pretty suprised at the size of it.  It takes up about hlaf the space on my desk and did require some rearranging.

tablet size comparison tablet on desk

It took a while to get used to drawing on the larger 6×11 sized tablet. It took roughly 1-2 hours. My previous tablet was so small compared to it, so a small twitch of my fingers would make a large movement of the cursor on the screen. However on the new tablet, I had to not only move my fingers, but also had to use my arm and wrist to get the same effect.

Anyways, I am really enjoying this new tablet.

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NhonMarch 29th, 2009 at 6:58 pm

sounds like fun to me

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