Bargain sale! Figure shopping spree! (*^_^*)

It’s still the middle of the week, but strangely enough, today has been a fantastic day! About a week ago, I bidded on some anime related goods on ebay being sold by my local anime shop. The auction detail page lacked detail about the items for sale, and had a tiny thumbnail showing some anime-ish goods. However from that horrible picture, there was one item that caught my eye. That was a garage kit (a figure you assemble and paint yourself) made by Kotobukiya of the character Sakura Matou from the game and anime “Fate/Stay Night”. Actually there were TWO of them being sold together, so I bidded on it immediately.

That garage kit normally is priced at 7000 yen (was about $90AU at the time, currently $118AU). At the moment, that figure is no longer in productions so it would be rather difficult to get your hands on. Apart from perhaps some 2nd hand figure shops in Japan, you’d have a hard time finding one even in Japan.


Anyways, I ended up winning the auction of the garage kit and the other various anime items for my initial bid of $30AU. I’m so happy! It was so cheap, and came with all sorts of other goods too. I probably may sell the duplicate items, but given my tendency to collect and keep everything i get my hands on, I find it difficult to get rid of or sell things.

I won the bit about 2:30pm today. Since the store was close to work, I simply went to pick it up. After I asked the shop attendant about the anime goods I had won, I talked to them about the Anime Convention “WaiCon 2009” which will be held over the weekend. Of course, that shop was participating as a vendor, and from my discussions with them, I found out that what kind of things they were planning to sell. It seems that they will be selling, PVC figures that have been taken out of their boxes, e.g. for display, and selling them for very cheap prices to essentially get rid of them. It was then, that I realized that the glass cabinet next to me was full of unboxed figures all displayed looking really nice and also expensive looking. They were really high quality figures.

bargain figures figures and gk background figures 3 figures 2

Those figures were ones that originally cost about 6000-7000 yen (or over $100AU) each, but for some reason, they were selling for a mere $20-$35 per figure! Because of the the strong yen and poor Aussie dollar, the exchange rate is so crap, so importing figures from Japan recently has been rather expensive. Anyways, as you could tell, I ended up buying almost all the figures that were displayed. It was so cheap and luckily, most of the figures were the type that I liked, so I’m happy.

By the way, that reminds me, last weekend, I actually made a really huge figure order at an online store called HLJ. They had a big sale going on too, so I bought a lot, but it seems that instead of sending it by SAL post, they posted using Express EMS post which ended up driving the price up. In the end, it was about $600AU  or 35,482 yen. Even now, I’m in shock at the price. Although since I managed to buy about $600AU worth of figures locally for only $225AU, I feel I have it all balanced out and am quite relieved.

hlj order

This time, I just bought the figures that I liked from my local shop, but now as I think more and more, I really should just buy all of those figures on display since they are so cheap. Even if I don’t have the place in my room for them all. Although that thought doesn’t distract me from my shopping. (^_^;)

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RachelNovember 7th, 2009 at 1:21 pm

Wow lucky you~ I also live in australia but dont really have a local anime shop 😛 I only have a few anime figure’s but dont consider myself an otakuu XD but I am in the progress of my own manga which is going good :3 its always fun to get cheap things you love. 😀

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