New years eve

On new years eve, I spent my time working on my garage kit figure. It had taken me quite a while to finish the corrections to the putty, but now the parts fit together almost perfectly without any gaps now. The next step is to spray some surfacer on it so I can identify any areas needing further surface work.

In order to use the airbrush, I needed to prepare my work area with some surfacer to spray, some paint thinner, my air compressor, the airbrush, some newspaper, tissues, water in a container and so on. It took about 20 mins or so to get it all sorted and set up how I wanted it.garage kit surfacer drying 2

To start things, I begun by blowing air over the kit pieces to get rid of any dust. Next, I used some sand paper to remove some of the excess putty I found when examining the pieces before spraying them with surfacer. I used my older airbrush for spraying the surfacer, however, I have having trouble with it and noticed it seemed blocked up a bit. I decided to try fix that by stopping and cleaning out the airbrush with some airbrush cleaner, however, even after that, it still had problems, so I gave up on using that airbrush. I really need to clean this old airbrush perhaps by soaking it in some cleaner. However, since I didn’t really feel up to doing that, I decided on just using my nice new airbrush that I got from Kotobukiya last year.

Since it had been a while since I had used an airbrush, I was worried about if I would spray a decent coat, but it seems I did nice job. I ended up finishing up a bottle of the Mr. RESIN Primer Surfacer although since I had several bottles of this spare, it wasn’t a problem. (^o^)

garage kit surfacer drying top angle garage kit surfacer drying

It was quite hot during that day. Outside, it was about 35-36 degrees, so it was rather uncomfortable. Also, while I was apraying the surfacer, not too far away there seemed to be a bush fire that broke out. Apparently it was caused by arson. Anyways, there were quite a few helicopters carrying large amounts of water flying back and forth over the house. It’s the first time this has happened. It was quite interesting to watch, although there was quite a bit of noise. Fortunately they managed to put the fire out. Still, as it was going on all the time while I was working on my garage kit, it did a good job at distracting me from my work. (^^;)

It took much longer that I expected to finish applying surfacer to all the pieces. Since I had to prepare everything for using the airbrush and also had to clean the gear and pack up afterwards which also took a while, I ended up finishing up at about 11pm.

garage kit surfacer garage kit surfacer close up

I had to cook my own dinner that day, so I decided on cooking Salmon cooked in flour with salt, pepper and other spices as I hadn’t eaten it for a while. When I finished cooking, it was already 11:50pm. As it was clost to the count down for new years, I quickly made my way to the TV and ate while watching the Sydney fireworks on TV.


sydney 2008 fireworks bridgesydney 2008 fireworks bridge side

Although I was quite exhaused after everything, all in all, it was an enjoyable new years eve.

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