Happy new year!

Happy new year everyone!

Since I was quite busy with Christmas and New Years, I never managed to find enough time to write in my blog. However, during that time, some interesting things happened, so I’ll be using that as some things to write about for future posts.

Last month, I strangely seemed to receive many of my pre-orders one after another. When I got the notification emails, I was half excited since I’d waited up to half a year for some orders, but also felt that the prices where quite expensive because of the poor exchange rate lately.

I also received my Haruhi bunny PVC figure made by Daiki Kougyou and my Miyuki-chan Figma. These PVC figures are probably among the small few that I’ve actually recieved so far. Previously, I’ve had most of my orders cancelled because of insufficient stock for all the preorders. Despite this, I still try to buy from them as they are a bit cheaper than buying direct from Japan using other shops, and also offer cheaper shipping.






The Haruhi figure is actually quite good. It’s about a 1/8 sized figure, but the base is quite large, so it look bigger. The pose is also quite lively.

The paintjob is about average, but is acceptable in my opinion. I also hear that there is a haruhi in a white bunny outfit too, but I prefer this one better.

This figure is one of those popular garage kit figures which has been made into a pre-painted figure.

haruhi-unbox-1 haruhi-bunny-14 haruhi-bunny-2

Other things I bought in December was games. Lately, I have been getting interested in visual novel games, so I preordered the game “Kimi ga yobu, Megiddo no oka de” which was released on the 26th of December. It is made by Leaf, a famous visual novel game company which also made Tears to Tiara, the PS3 game I’m currently playing.

Although I say visual novel, this game seems to be more a hybrid between a visual novel and a RPG. At the moment, because of new years holidays in Japan, my copy still hasn’t been shipped yet. However, this is actually a good thing, because when I checked the exchange rate todya, the rate was much higher! Normally it was always sitting at $1AU = 60yen but today it’s now $1AU = 64.3 yen! I’m now glad that my game will probably be cheaper.


(This is the Megiddo game. Though mine hasn’t been shipped yet…)

By the way, I also preordered the Japanese version of the PS3 RPG game called White Knight Chronicles. This time I decided on getting it from YesAsia. The reason being, that in my previous shopping spree at YesAsia, I received a $5 voucher in my email. So I ended up using that, was well as taking advantage of the free shipping.

The game was released on the 26th of December, though, it managed to get shipped before the new years break, so I expect to see it arrive next week or the following week.

The next game I plan to by is a PS3 game called Ryu ga gotoku 3 (Like a dragon 3 – also known as Yakuza in the US). Recently, I’ve been playing Ryu go gotoku Kenzan and it’s been really really enjoyable.

Ryu ga gotoku Kenzan really seems like you’re watching an action movie. It’s different to other games as it has many really well done mini games that are quite enjoyable and many side stories which keeps me busy spending many hours on it. This title is different from the other ones in it’s series because instead of being all about Yakuza, this one is actually based in Kyoto featuring the city Gion in the Edo period when there were a lot of Geisha.

The next Ryu ga gotoku 3 seems to be based in Okinawa (one of the islands south of Japan where Karate was founded).

Here are some Youtube videos I found of the games.

Ryu ga gotoku 3


Ryu ga gotoku Kenzan


As you’d expect, Japanese games really rock!

I do wonder if these games would actually come out over here.

Hmmm.. I initially planned to write about new years and Christmas, but it seems I ended up writing about shopping and video games. (^_^;)

I’ll do that on the next post then… well maybe. (*^_^*)

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