Running visual novel games on a VirtualBox hosted Win XP running under Vista

When I bought my new computer, I decided to get Windows Vista Ultimate with it. I chose Vista mainly because of the pretty GUI and the fact that the interface could be changed to Japanese localization instead of English.

Although Vista had it’s benefits, I had a few compatibility problems with it. One of them was with DirectX sound. It seems that there is a problem when a sound plays while another is still playing. The first sounds suddenly stops for a moment while the 2nd sound plays.

I’ve only recently started to play visual novel games, but when I do, the background music always pauses when The characters speak and when sound effects happen. Because of that, I couldn’t really enjoy the game at all. I searched on Google for the cause of the problem and from what I gather, Vista’s sound service has been rewritten from scratch and it seems to have problems with it which caused my compatibility problems.

This seems to be quite a bad bug, but there still seems to be no patch to fix it yet.

Anyways, I ended up installng VirtualBox, a PC virtualization software, so I could install Windows XP on it and play the visual novel games.

I wasn’t sure whether this would solve my problem, but when I tried it out, the game ran perfectly. Not a single problem with the sound. Also I found that if I pressed Alt + L, the game window would be displayed together with the host system’s windows.


Anyways, I’m happy that I’m now able to play the visual novel games without any problems.
I do find having to resort to using PC virtualization software to play games on Vista overkill, and it really does give me a bad impression of Vista’s compatibility.

Has anyone had sound problems like this on Vista before?

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