Fixing the joints of my garage kit with putty

Today, I continued to work on building my garage kit (a figure that you assemble and paint). This time, I used putty to fill in any gaps in the join lines for the figure parts make the joints cleaner and fit nicely.

I’ve done this one before in my previous garage kit. At that time, doing this made the figure look much more nicer than I tried to paint it without puttying the joints. Since that worked pretty well, I’ve decided to do the same on this figure too.

It takes 6 hours for putty to cure, so this task is a bit troublesome. It takes such a long time, and during that time, you can’t do any more work on the figure while you wait.

As the pieces just finished curing, I gave the pieces a test fit, however, it seems that because of some excess putty, the parts don’t fit as cleanly as before. Ack! Seems like I made it worse. (>_<)

Actually, before I did the puttying, the joins were really quite a good fit, so today’s work seems to have just ruined that.

Anyways, now I plan to sand down the excess putty with some sand paper until the pieces fit together nicely again. If that doesn’t do the job, then i’ll just have to try remove and reapply the putty again.

Unfortunately, the weekend is almost finished, so it looks like I’ll have to do it next time. Though, waiting for the next weekend is frustrating.

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