Shopping Spree

Lately, I’ve been doing quite a bit of shopping. The exchange rate is really bad for the Australian dollar, so for a while I’ve been holding off from spending, and have been thinking about what I should do about the sudden insane price rise of all things imported.

After some consideration, I decided that holding off buying the things that I enjoy for a period of half a year to a year or more until the economic crisis is over is pretty unrealistic, so I decided to just spend the money regardless of how much things cost and keep pursuing my hobbies.

To start my shopping, I decided on getting the latest volumes of the manga and novels I was reading, and also to get a copy of the already sold out limited edition copy of Negima! vol 23. I was unable to get the Negima! comic from BK1 (A great online Japanese book store), so instead, I bought it at

negima genteiban

The YesAsia site had a huge sale on, where many figures, games and dvds were discounted by as much as 80%. Because of that sale, I ended up also buying a Nendoroid Tsuruya figure as well as some PSP and PS2 games that were heavily discounted.

The figures and games were very cheap, however, the Negima! limited edition manga was extremely expensive since it was sold out everywhere else, and was an unbelievable $70AU.



The goods that I ordered from YesAsia have all now arrived safely. I am very happy with my purchases, although my credit card bill this month was a lot higher than I expected. It seems the exchange rate used for my purchases was $1AU=56yen, so it was probably charged on my card on the day when the Aussie dollar was at it’s worst. Before the financial crisis, the exchange rate was $1AU=100yen, so this is really depressing.

Still, I’m glad that I bought all the goods. I have just finished reading vol 24 of the Negima! manga and really enjoyed it. Also the DVD that came with the limited edition was really great too. I also got several good Japanese games at 80% off, so I’m also very satisfied.

By the way, the Octavia figure that I preordered previously just got released in Japan last week, so I think I should receive mine in the mail possibly tomorrow. I have quite a backlog of preordered figures still, so I’m a bit concerned during this financial crisis, but I plan to keep to my decision of keeping to my normal spending habits.

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