My Octavia figure arrived!

My Kotobukiya Octavia figure which I preordered 2 months ago arrived today. The box that it arrived in was huge, although it was lighter than expected.

octavia-box octavia-box-pkg

This figure, like the Riannon figure that arrived last month, is one of the characters from the Japanese PS3 game Tears to Tiara. The base of this figure seems to be larger than the Riannon figure. From looking at the promotional pictures, it seemed that the quality of the figure wasn’t that good, however, when I saw the final product, it was actually suprisingly highly detailed and of very good quality.

unpack-octavia octavia-riannon


In this series of figures, the next one to be released will be Ermin. I’m not too sure if any other characters from the game will be made into figures, but I’ll be looking forward to this next one.

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