Working on my Garage kit

Last weekend, I resumed working on my Illyasviel von Einzbern garage kit (a figure that you assemble and paint) from the series Fate/Stay Night which I had forgotten about and left half done.

That day, I used some sand paper to smoothen any irregular spots on the surface of the model and did a test fit of the parts to check how well the joins fit together.

This time, the sanding was a bit more difficult that the first garage kit that I made. Also, it seemed that from the test fitting, I noticed that the arms and the head parts didn’t fit correctly into their sockets, so it seems I’ll have to do some adjustments to those parts.

iria test fit close up iria test fit

I plan to use some putty and sandpaper to help smoothen the surface, although it seems that I’ll have to do that next week. I actually would like to spray on some Mr.RESIN surfacer spray so I can start painting but in order to build the figure nicely, it’s important to concentrate on getting all the prep work done. How well the prep work is done will have an impact on how well the figure will turn out when I start to paint it.

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AnnMay 15th, 2011 at 7:31 pm

Hi, Mr. Tim,

This is Ann. I come from China..If possible, can you tell us how I can learn to make the Garage kit? I know it must have so many place can learn the Garage kit in Japan. but in China , we still don’t know.. maybe you can tell me .. where I can buy Garage kit
lesson book ??or you can introduce Japanese teacher for me ?? then I can write the email to the teacher to ask how I can learn .. maybe teacher can teach us from the internet.. thank you in advance..

Best regards,

TimJune 8th, 2011 at 10:51 am

Hi Ann, I’m still a beginner to garage kits, but unfortunately I don’t have anyone that teaches me to build them either. I often use forums such as to read about how to build the kits or to post questions about how to do something. I hope you find that site useful.

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