My figure preorder of Riannon from Tears to Tiara arrived!

My preorder for the Riannon figure from Tears to Tiara and a figure modelling book called "Figure no tatsujin" for sculpting anime figures from clay arrived last Monday.

riannon and book 

Since I really enjoy and like the characters from the Tears to Tiara game for the PS3, I straight away preordered when I heard news that the characters would be made into figures. Since there were plans for 3 of the characters to be made as figures, I preordered all 3 of them. (^_^;)

When I made the preorder, the reference picture was from a resin kit sample, so I knew the picture would of course be nicer than what the final product would actually be like. Because of this, I doubted the quality of the PVC version.

When the PVC version reference pictures were released, I was disappointed as the PVC version didn’t look as nice as I had hoped. However, when I finally received the figure and had opened and saw it with my own eyes, I was suprised at how highly detailed it was. Strangely, it looked much better than the resin kit reference picture.

riannon 2 

This figure is really awesome. The pose is very lively and the details are crisp and well done.

When I look at this figure and compare it to the Tamaki Kawazoe figure from Bamboo Blade also made by Kotobukiya, I really admire the quality of Kotobukiya figures.

riannon closeup 2 

Normally, I prefer and like Good Smile figures as I often read and tend to be influenced by his figure reviews, but now I think Kotobukiya figures are a new favorite.

By the way, this morning, just sent me a notification email letting me know that my Octavia figure also from the Tears to Tiara game is now in stock, so I look forward to that being shipped here soon.

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