I received my Ryoko Asakura figure!

It took quite a bit of effort to track down the Ryoko Asakura figure.

When I was looking for the figure, I found that almost all the online shops I visited listed it as sold out, and the only ones I could find on auction sites were 2nd hand ones being sold for about 3 times the normal price.

I managed to get my hands on one when the online store 1999.co.jp suprisingly got a restock of the figure and sold it at the recommended price rather than at a crazily inflated price. Thanks to that, I was able to secure an order at the site.

The figure itself arrived 2 weeks ago on Monday. It arrived a day earlier than I expected. (^o^)

 asakura box asakura box 2

The box was quite large, though it was actually quiet light so postage wasn’t that expensive.

I currently have the figure displayed in front of my monitor.

The quality of the figure is very detailed and just from looking at it, I am satisfied with the purchase. I’m glad I managed to get this figure.

ryouko bunny

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