Addicted to Mahou Sensei Negima!

Lately, I’ve been really into the Mahou Sensei Negima! (Magic Teacher Negima!) manga series. I first heard of the series from the time when the manga was being made into an anime series.

Since I really liked the Anime and wanted to know what happened next, I ended up ordering the manga. To tell the truth, over half of the volumes of the manga for this series was given to me from a good net friend, so I didn’t have to make a particularly large order.

When I read the manga, it was more different than I imagined. It seems that the anime is quite different from the manga. The manga is a very interesting as it has a well thought out plot, detailed character designs & settings and very verbose explanations for topics such as  such as information about the magic in that world.

It it done to such a degree that I am very impressed at the amount of time Akamatsu Ken, the author of the manga, spends on creating the world of Negima!

The things I like about this manga are the magic battle scenes and the section at the end of the comic named Majutsu goi shuu (Magical techniques vocabulary list) which contains explanations for vaious Magic chants and battle techniques encountered in the story.

The interesting thing is that many of the explanations are so detailed that it takes 2-3 pages to explain the concept, and it even explains many chants that are in other languages such as Latin and others I can’t identify. (^^;)

This weekend, I finished reading the last 3 volumes on the series that I have in my collection. I actually wanted to stretch it out a bit longer by reading it slower and enjoy it, but the story was so good that I had to keep reading only to end up reading all the volumes I had left.

Now I’m currently desperate to get my hands on the next volume which hasn’t been released yet, and have it preordered.

By the way, it seems that the new volumes 23, 24 and 25 have limited editions where they come with extras including an Anime DVD with some of the best scenes of the manga remade as an Anime OVA.

I really really want to get myself a copy of this limited edition of the manga, but the price is really expensive. Until now, I’ve been holding off, but now I want to order the next volume to find out what will happen next, and I don’t know if I should get the limited edition or the regular one.

It seems that the limited edition of volume 23 has been sold out with no planned reprints, although I should be able to get the limited editions of volumes 24 and 25 preordered through BK1 if I’m eager.

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