Translated post: Blog opening

Hi All,
I’m an Australian male university student who is studying Japanese. I have started this blog to improve my composition skills in Japanese.

First, I’ll introduce myself.
I’m Tim. I live in Western Australia and have studied Japanese as a hobby at university for 4 years. Currently, I’ve finished my university Japanese course, however, I plan to keep studying it through self study.

The reason I decided to study Japanese was mainly to become able to enjoy Japanese anime and video games (such as RPGs) in Japanese without subtitles or translations. However after achieving that goal, I’ve now set a goal of being able to read a Japanese novel without referring to a dictionary as well as being able to compose in Japanese as well as a native speaker would.

In order to achieve that goal, I’ve decided on studying for the JLPT Japanese language proficiency test and also to write a Japanese blog.

Last year, I attempted the level 2 of the JLPT and encounted unthinkablely large amounts of Kanji characters (2000 characters) , grammar forms (200 forms) and vocab (6000 words) that I needed to memorise for the test. I really put in a lot of effort into my study and thanks to that, I was able to pass the test. Now, I plan to tackle level 1, the hardest level, at the end of this year.

Currently, my level of Japanese is probably at a stage where it would suprise a native speaker considering I’m a ‘foreigner’, however after taking a glimpse of the sample questions for level 1, it seems that that level seem infinitely more difficult.

This blog will probably be mainly about Japanese study, however, I plan to also write about other stuff too, so please read it.

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